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Steve Romick: 'We Think Defensively'

The longtime manager of FPA Crescent Fund talks balancing risk and reward in the COVID-era, why he's not holding even more cash, the case for Wells Fargo, and more.

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Our guest this week is Steve Romick. Steve is a portfolio manager at First Pacific Advisors, or, as it's probably better known, FPA. Steve comanages several FPA strategies, including the FPA Crescent Fund as well as the Source Capital closed-end fund. Steve joined FPA in 1996. Before that, he was chairman of Crescent Management and an analyst for Kaplan, Nathan & Co. For his work managing FPA Crescent, Steve was the recipient of the Morningstar U.S. Allocation Fund of the Year Award in 2013 and was previously a nominee for the Morningstar Fund Manager of the Decade Award. Steve earned his bachelor's in Education from Northwestern University and is a CFA charterholder.

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