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Burton Malkiel: 'I Am Not a Big Fan of ESG Investing'

The influential author and researcher shares his views on retirement income, asset allocation, equity valuations, whether indexing has gotten too big, and more.

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Our guest this week is Dr. Burton Malkiel. Dr. Malkiel is the Chemical Bank chairman's professor of economics at Princeton University. And he's also author of the widely influential investment book, "A Random Walk Down Wall Street." He's also the Chief Investment Officer at Wealthfront. He's a longtime professor in economics at Princeton, where he was also chairman of the economics department. Before that, he was the dean of the Yale School of Management, and William S. Beinecke Professor of Management Studies there from 1981 through 1988. Dr. Malkiel has served on boards of directors of several firms, including the Vanguard Group and on the investment committees of Active Investment Advisors, and the American Philosophical Society. Dr. Malkiel began his career in the investment banking department of Smith Barney & Co. He holds a BA and MBA degrees from Harvard and a PhD from Princeton University.

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Retirement Income

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