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Jonathan Guyton: What the Crisis Means for Retirement Planning

A noted retirement researcher and financial planner discusses the benefits of Treasuries in retirement, putting guardrails around withdrawals, and why discretionary funds work.

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Our guest on the podcast this week is Jonathan Guyton, principal at Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, a fee-only advisory firm in Minneapolis. In addition to his financial advice practice, Guyton has contributed valuable research in the retirement planning arena. Among his best-known pieces of research are "Decision Rules and Portfolio Management for Retirees: Is the 'Safe' Initial Withdrawal Rate Too Safe?" as well as "Decision Rules and Maximum Initial Withdrawal Rates," which he coauthored with computer scientist William Klinger. He currently serves as a retirement planning columnist for the Journal of Financial Planning, and he's also an expert panelist on retirement for The Wall Street Journal and an online columnist for Time and Money.


Jonathan Guyton bio 

Cornerstone Wealth Advisors

Cornerstone Wealth Advisors ADV 

Cornerstone Wealth Advisors' investment approach 

Jonathan Guyton articles for The Wall Street Journal

Retirement Planning Amid the Pandemic

Cornerstone Wealth Advisors' first-quarter commentary 

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