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Robin Wigglesworth: The Rise of Index Investing and the 'Renegades' Who Ushered It In

The Financial Times’ correspondent discusses his new book on the history of index funds and the remarkable people who brought indexing into the mainstream.

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Our guest this week is Robin Wigglesworth. Robin is the Financial Times' global finance correspondent based in Oslo, Norway. He covers investing in markets with a focus on technological disruption and quantitative investing. He joined the FT as a Gulf correspondent in June 2008. Before that, he was a Nordic economics and politics correspondent for Bloomberg News. Robin is a graduate of City, University of London and received his master's in history of international relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Robin is here to discuss his new book, Trillions: How a Band of Wall Street Renegades Invented the Index Fund and Changed Finance Forever.



Trillions: How a Band of Wall Street Renegades Invented the Index Fund and Changed Finance Forever

History of Indexing

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Paul Samuelson

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Rex Sinquefield

Dean LeBaron

Mac McQuown

Jack Bogle

John Brennan

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dan Wheeler

Larry Fink

Eugene Fama

Harry Markowitz

Bill Sharpe

Baby Bells


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