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Martin Lau: Now Is a Better Time to Buy China

An esteemed investor in Asian equities discusses what to make of the Chinese government's recent market interventions and whether China's sell-off represents a buying opportunity.

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Our guest this week is Martin Lau. Martin is a managing partner of FSSA Investment Managers, part of First Sentier Investors. He's been at the firm since 2002 and is the lead fund manager of various FSSA strategies, including the FSSA Asian Equity Plus Fund, the FSSA China Growth Fund, and the FSSA Hong Kong Growth Fund. Martin has been in the investment business for nearly three decades and is based in Hong Kong. Morningstar's analysts have recognized Martin's achievements on a number of occasions, most recently in 2020, when they named the FSSA Hong Kong Growth Fund the winner of the Best Hong Kong Equity Fund Award. Martin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cambridge University, as well as master’s degree in engineering from Cambridge. Martin is a CFA charterholder.






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Companies Mentioned in This Episode






Alibaba Group




China Mobile

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

JP Morgan

Wells Fargo

China Merchants Bank


ENN Energy Holdings Limited


ANTA Sports