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Manisha Thakor: Beware of 'Junk Personal Finance'

The author and financial educator discusses how social media affects financial well-being, how women can close the wealth gap, and why young people should steer clear of individual stock trading.

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Our guest on the podcast today is author and financial educator, Manisha Thakor. Manisha is founder of MoneyZen, a financial education consultancy. She's also the coauthor of two books with Sharon Kedar: On My Own Two Feet, published in 2007 and updated in 2013, and Get Financially Naked, which came out in 2009. Prior to founding MoneyZen, Manisha was vice president of financial well-being at Brighton Jones. Before that she was director of wealth strategies for women at Buckingham Strategic Wealth. Earlier in her career, Manisha held positions at several investment management firms, including Fayez Sarofim, Sands Capital Management, and Atalanta/Sosnoff Capital. Manisha is a chartered financial analyst and a certified financial planner. She received her bachelor's degree in American Studies from Wellesley College and her MBA from Harvard Business School.




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