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Sonal Desai: Navigating Historically Low Yields and Stretched Valuations

The CIO of Franklin Templeton’s fixed-income team assesses the risks and rewards of bonds, the economic recovery’s durability, and the future of monetary and fiscal policies.

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Our guest this week is Sonal Desai. Sonal is executive vice president and chief investment officer of the Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group. In addition to her responsibilities overseeing many of Franklin’s fixed-income teams, Sonal also co-chairs the group’s fixed-income policy committee and is a member of Franklin Resources executive committee as well as the firm’s management and investment committees. Sonal is a listed portfolio manager at a number of strategies, including Core Plus, Strategic Income, and Global Fixed Income. Sonal joined Franklin in 2009 from Thames River Capital in London. Before that, Sonal worked at the International Monetary Fund and as director and senior economist at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. She earned her bachelor’s in economics from the University of Delhi and her doctorate in economics from Northwestern University.












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