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Patrick O'Shaughnessy: 'Custom Indexing Unlocks a Lot of Benefits'

The investor, author, and popular podcast host talks ESG, factor investing, some of his favorite podcast guests, and more.

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Our guest this week is Patrick O’Shaughnessy. Patrick is the CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. He also is a portfolio manager at the firm. Prior to assuming his current role, Patrick served on O’Shaugnessy’s research and portfolio management teams. Patrick is the author of Millennial Money: How Young Investors Can Build a Fortune and was a contributing author to the fourth edition of What Works on Wall Street. Patrick is also the host of the popular Invest Like the Best podcast. He received his bachelor’s in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame and is a CFA charter holder.



O’Shaughnessy Asset Management


Millennial Money: How Young Investors Can Build a Fortune

What Works on Wall Street, Fourth Edition: The Classic Guide to the Best-Performing Investment Strategies of All Time

Invest Like the Best Podcasts


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