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QCi Secures Order for Revolutionary Underwater LiDAR Prototype

QCi Secures Order for Revolutionary Underwater LiDAR Prototype

QCi Secures Order for Revolutionary Underwater LiDAR Prototype

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HOBOKEN, N.J., April 23, 2024

HOBOKEN, N.J., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Computing, Inc (QCi) (Nasdaq: QUBT), an innovative quantum optics and nanophononics technology company, today revealed the successful sale of its quantum LiDAR prototype to Johns Hopkins University. Valued at $200,000, the prototype marks a significant advancement in underwater LiDAR technology and will be utilized for testing and evaluation within Johns Hopkins' esteemed research and development program.


QCi's quantum LiDAR system boasts unparalleled precision, with a remarkable resolution of 3mm and the capability to operate at depths of up to 30 meters beneath the water's surface. The system's unique ability to "tune" and time-gate single photons in the LiDAR return signals, along with its capacity to adjust detection in both frequency and phase space, enables quantum measurements that elevate information gathering to new heights. These advancements facilitate pivotal environmental and oceanographic studies, providing insights into underwater targets beyond the reach of conventional LiDAR systems.

Jeevanandha Ramanathan, Research Scientist and leader of Quantum Remote Sensing platform at QCi, commented, "Our state-of-the-art underwater scanning LiDAR system is engineered with cutting-edge single-photon detection technology, coupled with a green laser at a wavelength of 532nm. The selection of green light is strategic for its superior ability to penetrate water, ensuring our system captures the most detailed and accurate underwater images possible. The integration of single-photon detection enhances sensitivity to an exceptional degree, enabling us to discern and measure faint signals bounced back by single photons."

"We are thrilled to receive this order and are honored to fulfill it with the delivery of our new LiDAR-based remote sensing system to Johns Hopkins researchers," stated Dr. William McGann, Chief Executive Officer of QCi. "This collaboration will play a pivotal role in enhancing our understanding of phytoplankton movement, nutrient distribution, and the physical behavior of water bodies under varying conditions. Together, these advanced capabilities will equip researchers and policymakers with the detailed data needed for comprehensive environmental management and protection strategies, aligning with QCi's mission of delivering practical and affordable quantum technologies for the world."

About Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi) 
Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi) (Nasdaq: QUBT) is an innovative, integrated photonics company that provides accessible and affordable quantum machines to the world today. QCi products are designed to operate room temperature and low power at an affordable cost. The Company's portfolio of core technology and products offer unique capabilities in the areas of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and remote sensing applications.

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