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RizePoint's Ignite™ Supplier Certification Management Solution Helps Food Brands Manage Suppliers' Safety, Quality & ESG Programs

RizePoint's Ignite™ Supplier Certification Management Solution Helps Food Brands Manage Suppliers' Safety, Quality & ESG Programs

RizePoint's Ignite™ Supplier Certification Management Solution Helps Food Brands Manage Suppliers' Safety, Quality & ESG Programs

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SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 4, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts are more than just a public relations tactic. They help companies build stronger brands, attract more customers, employees, and investors, and drive long-term growth. Plus, prioritizing ESG is simply the right thing to do. RizePoint, the longest-lasting quality management vendor in the marketplace, offers their unique Ignite™ Supplier Certification Management solution, which allows food brands to gather, organize, and manage supplier documentation and determine whether their suppliers have strong ESG programs in place.


"As food brands work to improve their ESG initiatives, they must also examine their supply chain. It's not enough to make their own safety, quality, and ESG goals – it's also essential to work with suppliers who are aligned in these efforts," said RizePoint President Kari Hensien. "Brands must get a better handle on their supply chain, using innovative tools to organize supplier certifications into a system they can see and manage. After all, food businesses can't manage what they're not measuring."

"Food brands need to definitively know that they're working with safe, sustainable organizations through every step of the supply chain," Hensien continued. "Now, they can quickly, easily, and accurately manage their suppliers through RizePoint's affordable, user-friendly software solution, Ignite."

Ignite is a game changer, allowing brands to gather, organize, and manage supplier documentation in a centralized location, track which suppliers are committed to strong ESG practices, manage suppliers' safety certifications, check status and deadlines, ensure compliance, and reduce time-consuming administrative tasks.

RizePoint's Ignite solution is disrupting traditional market software, making it easy, accessible, and affordable for organizations of all sizes to use, finally making it possible for the "smaller guys" to compete with giant corporations.

Ignite allows companies to:

  • Keep supplier documentation up-to-date, track status, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.
  • Track which suppliers have environmental, sustainability, and compliance (ESG) certifications. 
  • Learn more about where suppliers' raw materials are coming from, who is processing them, and what practices they follow, allowing brands to better understand their entire supply chain's ESG commitments.
  • Find suppliers that have better ESG goals and practices – and, conversely, stop working with vendors that are not committed to ESG goodwill.
  • Manage suppliers' safety and ESG certifications all along the supply chain.
  • See task and certification status for all suppliers or drill down to view by supplier, location, and material.
  • Streamline processes to save time, and reduce redundancies, errors, and data entry for a more efficient, accurate experience.

Ignite leverages the latest tech stacks in cloud computing to deliver better speed of service, security, and performance, with shortened development cycles.

RizePoint has added new features to Ignite, based on user feedback, to make it faster and easier for food brands to manage their supplier partnerships.

"Look at Chipotle, a brand that goes the extra mile with bold ESG goals. Their real ingredients are responsibly sourced and prepared with people, animals, and the environment in mind. They bought 35.7 million pounds of local produce – an investment of more than $40.2 million in support of local food system – and will continue relying on local, sustainable farmers. They've also identified key water risk areas in their supply chain to inform their water conservation strategy," Hensien explained. "Chipotle holds themselves accountable for making business decisions that cultivate a better world – and shouldn't we all strive to do the same?"

RizePoint is offering a free version of this innovative supplier certification management solution for up to 20 suppliers or supplier locations. All are invited to participate. Visit to learn more. 

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