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BOSTON, Sept. 21, 2022

BOSTON, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Eventide Asset Management is pleased to announce the launch of its eighth mutual fund, the Eventide Large Cap Focus Fund (ETLAX, ETLCX, ETLNX, ETLIX). With a primary objective of long-term capital appreciation, the Fund seeks to invest in companies that have a market capitalization in the range of the market capitalization of companies in the S&P 500 index. As with all Eventide Funds, the Large Cap Focus Fund seeks to invest in companies helping to create a better world by serving society, customers, employees, and other key stakeholders.

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The Fund will be managed by Eventide Portfolio Managers Anant Goel and Andrew Singer, CFA. Goel also serves as a Portfolio Manager for the Eventide Exponential Technologies Fund and Eventide Gilead Fund and is a Senior Research Analyst for other Eventide products. Singer serves as a Portfolio Manager for the Eventide Dividend Opportunities Fund and is a Senior Research Analyst for other Eventide products.

Goel said, "I am excited to extend our approach of investing in companies that are creating compelling value to another important area of the market." Singer, likewise, commented, "There are exciting opportunities to invest in high-quality companies in the large-cap space, and now Eventide investors can participate." Eventide Co-CIO Dolores Bamford, CFA, said this of Goel and Singer's appointments to manage the fund: "Anant and Andy have demonstrated their ability to generate ideas and execute Eventide's strategies; I am thrilled they are co-managing this fund."

The Eventide Large Cap Focus Fund joins the existing Eventide funds with more than $5 billion in net assets under management: the Eventide Gilead Fund, the Eventide Healthcare & Life Sciences Fund, the Eventide Exponential Technologies Fund, the Eventide Multi-Asset Income Fund, the Eventide Dividend Opportunities Fund, the Eventide Limited-Term Bond Fund, and the Eventide Core Bond Fund.

The Eventide Funds are managed by Eventide Asset Management, LLC, a Boston-based investment adviser that seeks to provide high performance by investing in companies that create compelling value for their customers, employees, supply chain, host communities, the environment, and society broadly.

The Fund is available in four share classes – Class A (NASDAQ: ETLAX), Class C (NASDAQ: ETLCX), Class N (NASDAQ: ETLNX), and Class I (NASDAQ: ETLIX).

Important Risk Information

This communication is provided for informational purposes only and expresses views of Eventide Asset Management, LLC ("Eventide"), an investment adviser. There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will achieve its objectives, generate profits, or avoid losses. Eventide's values-based approach to investing may not produce desired results and could result in underperformance compared with other investments. Any reference to Eventide's Business 360® approach is provided for illustrative purposes only and indicates a general framework of guiding principles that inform Eventide's overall research process. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Eventide's ethical values screening criteria could cause it to underperform similar investments that do not have such screening criteria. This could be due to ethically acceptable companies falling out of favor with investors or failing to perform as well as companies that do not meet Eventide's ethical screening guidelines. The Adviser's judgment about the quality of a particular company may prove to be incorrect. Eventide uses its trademark ("Investing that makes the world rejoice®") in a figurative manner to help explain its focus on serving investors by helping them improve the world.

Large capitalization companies may be subject to more limited growth potential, and be less able to adapt to changing market conditions than smaller capitalization companies. The Fund has non-diversification risk as a high percentage of Fund assets may be invested in a limited number of companies and may be more susceptible to any single economic, technological or regulatory occurrence than a diversified fund. It may be susceptible to an increased risk of loss because the Fund's investments are concentrated in the semiconductor and software industries and the Fund may invest a substantial portion of its assets in one or more sectors of the economy, such as the technology, industrial, consumer discretionary and healthcare sectors. Semiconductor companies carry risks such as limited product lines, competition for qualified personnel, rapid obsolescence of equipment, and dependence on patent and intellectual property rights, the loss or impairment of which can adversely affect profitability. Software companies carry risks such as rapidly changing technology, rapid product obsolescence, competitive pressures, cyclical market patterns, availability and price of components and frequent new product introductions. The Fund can have risk related to option investing. There are special risks associated with investments in foreign companies including exposure to currency fluctuations, less efficient trading markets, political instability and differing auditing and legal standards. The Fund can invest in private companies. Private investments include various risks including but not limited to lack of liquidity, capital commitment risk, and valuation risk. Private companies may not be financially profitable and have uncertain futures, subjecting them to additional risks.

Investors should consider a fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing or sending money. This and other important information can be found in the prospectus, which can be obtained at or by calling 1-877-771-EVEN (3836). Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Eventide Mutual Funds are distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, Member FINRA, which is not affiliated with Eventide Asset Management, LLC.

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