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Why Top Brokers are Betting on Brand Caffeine

Why Top Brokers are Betting on Brand Caffeine

Why Top Brokers are Betting on Brand Caffeine

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NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2021

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Brand Caffeine has officially expanded to partnering with top brokerages in New York City. 

After a year of quarantine, many professionals now understand that their online presence is just as, if not more important than in-person presence. For those who thrive on social media, wonder what kind of caffeine they're sipping on to run both their businesses and their social platforms?  Enter: digital marketing agency, Brand Caffeine.

Top brokers of New York City have been rumoured to seek out exclusive boutique agency Brand Caffeine to heighten their digital influence through organic social media management, paid advertising, search engine optimization, and content creation. With a co-founder who began her career at Corcoran on a highly established real estate team, licensed agent turned marketing expert Liv Schreiber and her team scale businesses and manage accounts from a perspective unmatched in the marketing industry. 

Want to do a headstand at a hottest listing? Done. Meet Schreiber on top of a tour bus in NYC for a great Reel? Easy. Need a grand tour on TikTok of a 20 million dollar listing on Perry Street? Schreiber will be there in 5. From point A to point Z, Brand Caffeine maintains a sought-after marketing practice that is ahead of the curve.

Viral broker videos with over 300K views speak for the successes of Brand Caffeine clients. Gone are the days of using curated (or, as Schreiber says, "boring!") images for the Instagram feed. Trust BrandCaffeine to take care of the entire process from start to finish, crafting content that performs with creativity, in turn attracting followers, and million-dollar plus sales. Just ask Brown Harris Stevens, Bross Chingas Bross, Warburg Realty, and other thrilled brokerages that lean on BrandCaffeine for their top performing agents who bring in billions throughout their careers.

When Schreiber was asked about the unusual combination of personality, content creation and brokers, she cites her background in fashion and real estate as the magic potion, citing, "Brands and influencers use unmatched individuality and UGC content to reel in customers. Why should real estate be any different?" 

Authenticity and creativity, encouraged by Schreiber and her team, take away the stress that comes with building a following within a crowded online space. Brand Caffeine creates video content, photos, and more for the top brokers in NYC that are aimed to veer off path from the crowd. Steal the competition's followers - and build a dedicated audience- with Brand Caffeine at, and find Schreiber on social @livschreiber. One glass of Brand Caffeine, coming right up.

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