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Aphex BioCleanse Systems' Technology Highlighted at Leading Consumer Product Show; CSO Presents Keynote on Innovative, Sustainable Personal Protective Equipment

Aphex BioCleanse Systems' Technology Highlighted at Leading Consumer Product Show; CSO Presents Keynote on Innovative, Sustainable Personal Protective Equipment

Aphex BioCleanse Systems' Technology Highlighted at Leading Consumer Product Show; CSO Presents Keynote on Innovative, Sustainable Personal Protective Equipment

Company's Chief Sustainability Officer Presents on Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products at Las Vegas Retailer Sales Convention

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PITTSFORD, N.Y., Sept. 9, 2021

PITTSFORD, N.Y., Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc. (OTCPK: SNST) ("Aphex" or "the Company"), a cleaning solutions company focused on the development and distribution of non-toxic and water-based cleaning products trademarked with Hy-IQ® Water, today announced that it exhibited at the ASD Market Week convention in Las Vegas last week. At the conference, Scott Smith, Aphex's Chief Sustainability Officer and Founder of BioFoam™, presented a keynote address on environmentally friendly consumer cleaning products.

ASD Market Week is the most comprehensive trade show for consumer merchandise in the United States, boasting the world's widest variety of products lines, designed to connect product manufacturers with retailers across the nation. Aphex exhibited its recently acquired BioFoam™ product line which includes products made with a patented, open-cell foam technology that offers advanced cleaning properties without compromising on sustainability. In addition to its sales booth, Aphex's CSO Scott Smith was featured as a keynote speaker and expert in cleaning sustainability. A large audience of interested retailers and distributors attended his presentation on the importance of the sustainability of cleaning products, the significant amount of waste created in the cleaning category, and how some forward-thinking manufacturers have addressed these issues through the introduction of reusable offerings, such as the BioFoam™ products.

"This is one of the largest shows in the US for product producers to connect with retailers and distributors interested in carrying their products and I was both honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to keynote about innovations at the event," said Scott Smith, Aphex Chief Sustainability Officer. "The BioFoam™ product line, paired with the non-toxic cleaning attributes of Aphex's Hy-IQ® Water formula, creates a truly sustainable and effective cleaning product. We were so excited to see the reception by attendees of the show to our new and improved product offering and I am confident we will see the benefits of our attendance here for months to come."

Aphex recently announced the acquisition of the BioFoam™ business, including its patent and trademarks, and the re-introduction of the product line now including the Hy-IQ cleaning solution. Products include a reusable mitt, pad, and mask set with underlaying technology that traps pathogens inside the products, all made with sustainability in mind.

"We are so proud to have Scott out in the field representing Aphex and taking Hy-IQ enhanced products to national audiences," said Aphex Interim CEO Anthony Fedor. "Our wholesale business, partnering with retailers and distributors who produce products powered by our core technology, Hy-IQ® Water, is the cornerstone of our growth strategy and attending this show perfectly fits with that mission."

The booth at the event displayed HY-IQ® powered consumer and professional-grade products for human and pet markets for direct sale and private label platforms. The booth traffic levels exceeded the Company's expectations and it held many meetings with B2B customers. Aphex continues to see strong follow-up interest from vendors and an increase in direct orders from partnerships with current and existing marketing relationships.

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