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Shiftsmart Deploys Technology to Aid Covid-19 Vaccine Scheduling and Staffing

Shiftsmart Deploys Technology to Aid Covid-19 Vaccine Scheduling and Staffing

Shiftsmart Deploys Technology to Aid Covid-19 Vaccine Scheduling and Staffing

Contact Center Optimization Increases Distribution

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DALLAS, March 17, 2021

DALLAS, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to frustrations surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination appointment registration and inoculation efficiency, Shiftsmart is aiding major U.S. cities with their vaccine roll out. Shiftsmart, a labor management platform serving the modern workforce, is able to activate their global labor network to support all aspects of distribution. In just one U.S. market, within two weeks, Shiftsmart has staffed approximately 20 vaccine sites, answered over 1,000 calls per hour, provided income for hundreds of workers and assisted thousands of people in scheduling vaccination appointments.

According to published daily statistics ( March 15 report), 21.4% of people in the U.S. have received one COVID-19 shot. About 11.5% have received both doses. Almost 20% of the vaccines distributed have not been used. At this time, the challenge is to get the distributed vaccines into the arms of those who are most vulnerable. Millions of older Americans are eligible for the vaccine, but are encountering frustration when attempting to secure a shot because of their lack of available technology and/or the skills required to navigate registration websites. Elderly people are competing for a limited vaccine supply on a severely uneven technological playing field. 

As several states open wider qualifications to receive the vaccine, those eligible and wanting to register for the vaccine is increasing. Access and ability to operate technology presents an obstacle to millions of Americans of all ages so that they may accurately register to schedule a vaccine appointment. 

Shiftsmart responded to the problem and devised a plan of action using their workforce platform, trained and mobilized their workers, and implemented the strategy in 48-hours. As the vaccine rollout began, there was no federal coordination, which resulted in a confusing knot of different rules and systems that vary by state and county. The demand is certainly encouraging, but the challenges facing citizens have been daunting for them. Shiftsmart's workers are now assisting the public with registration on the phone as well as in person at identified vaccine sites.

Shiftsmart's technology and workforce has executed:

  • Inbound Call Center for Scheduling – Shiftsmart agents take calls from citizens, many of whom are seniors, to schedule first and second dose appointments
  • Inbound Call Center for Tech Support – Shiftsmart agents take calls from citizens and providers to assist with tech issues requiring city-specific knowledge and systems access
  • Onsite Staffing – provide on-site tech support for the public, in person crowd control, and second dose scheduling

Known for their ability to quickly scale-up or down to meet critical workforce demand on a global scale, Shiftsmart is uniquely prepared to rapidly optimize vaccination distribution centers for cities across the U.S.  By drawing on their network of over 400,000 workers, Shiftsmart can double throughput of COVID-19 vaccination registrations. Their proprietary technology allows them to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, flex the shifts required up and down as needed and ensure a quality customer experience.

About Shiftsmart:

Shiftsmart is an online marketplace built on pioneering technology that connects today's dynamic workforce with companies facing increasingly complex staffing requirements. By empowering workers with more hours, better pay, and greater opportunity, Shiftsmart creates a mutually beneficial labor ecosystem for individuals and organizations alike. Visit for more information.

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