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HerdX Launches Continuous Traceability Solution In Texas

HerdX Launches Continuous Traceability Solution In Texas

HerdX Launches Continuous Traceability Solution In Texas

The Dienger Trading Co. Provides Community with Traceable Meat

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BOERNE, Texas, Jan. 19, 2021

BOERNE, Texas, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- HerdX is launching its continuous traceability solution in a historic Boerne restaurant, The Dienger Trading Co. Beginning today, guests dining at The Dienger on the Hill Country Mile can enjoy their meal knowing exactly where their meat came from and how it was raised. 

Raymond Lunsford, owner of The Dienger Trading Co. has partnered with HerdX to bring traced, high quality beef to his customers. 

"At the Dienger, we care deeply about our customer's experience," Lunsford said. "The HerdX Taste of Trust program allows us to enhance customer experience by actually introducing them, in a sense, to the face behind the food. Whether our customer orders our burger, roast, or steak they can trust that it is the best quality around."

HerdX is pioneering a solution for ranchers in the meat industry to strengthen trust with the end consumer by illustrating a transparent product journey. The HerdX Taste of Trust solution integrates tracing technology at the source and tracks it through the entire supply chain to the end retailer. Guests can scan the HerdX QR code on The Dienger menu to meet their rancher. 

Co-owner and general manager from Dean and Peeler Meatworks, Dustin Dean, said they are dedicated to ensuring the best quality to all their customers. 

"We are a state-of-the-art facility, dedicated to utilizing best practices to ensure quality cuts to our customers," Dean said. "The practices that we use on our ranch would typically get lost in the transition through the restaurant. There's not enough room on a menu to tell the customer all about our beef and what we do. The ability for the customer to scan the QR code and learn all about our program, helps them see they can trust us and that they are getting the highest quality possible. What we are launching here in Boerne, Texas, has never been done in the history of protein."

HerdX is proud to launch this continual program in their hometown in Boerne, Texas. They have plans to bring this solution worldwide to help high-quality ranchers, farmers and retailers bring transparency to their products and build a better overall sustainable product for their customers. The Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting to celebrate combining live data on a restaurant menu, a monumental event. 

HerdX CEO, Ron Hicks, just returned from Dubai to meet with several retailers interested in bringing HerdX technology to the UAE to help support the ministry of food security goals and build a great restaurant solution in the resorts. 

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