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Reviver™ and Bakhtiari Auto Group Form Alliance to Sell Digital License Plates Across California

Reviver™ and Bakhtiari Auto Group Form Alliance to Sell Digital License Plates Across California

Reviver™ and Bakhtiari Auto Group Form Alliance to Sell Digital License Plates Across California

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GRANITE BAY, Calif., Dec. 23, 2020

GRANITE BAY, Calif., Dec. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ReviverMX, Inc., developer of the world's first digital license plate, today announced it had signed an agreement with Bakhtiari Auto Group – one of California's best-known family-run auto dealerships -- to sell and install the Reviver™ Rplate™ at five locations throughout the state.

According to the agreement, Bakhtiari will offer the Rplate at its Stevens Creek Nissan/Infiniti and Stevens Creek Subaru showrooms in Santa Clara, Huntington Beach Ford in Huntington Beach, Honda of Hollywood in West Hollywood, and Puente Hills Subaru in Puente Hills.  The plates will be included as standard equipment on all new car sales, as an optional accessory on all used car sales, and through their service lanes.

The Rplate, managed by a simple encrypted app, allows a user to automatically renew vehicle registration online without the need to deal with the stickers and associated Motor Vehicle Administration paperwork sent through the mail. The Rplate also offers a variety of personalization features including assorted designs and banners.

Today's announcement follows Reviver's October 20 release that it had allied with Hansel Motor Group to sell the Rplate at Hansel's locations throughout northern California.

"We're thrilled to be selling this product," said Brian Bakhtiari, vice president of Bakhtiari Auto Group.  "Not only is the Rplate dazzling to look at, but it's also a natural fit for the many technology and automobile enthusiasts we serve in both Silicon Valley and Southern California.  Rplate has been a hit with our customers as well as staff."

Reviver president and CEO Robert Wood added that today's agreement "provides further evidence that dealerships are recognizing the advantages of offering the Rplate to their clientele."

"The Rplates don't compete with any other accessories a dealer is offering." said Mr. Wood. "Additionally, the convenience and sheer beauty they offer makes it that much easier for dealerships to sell their vehicles." Reviver's Rplate and more advanced Rplate Pro, currently being sold in California and Arizona, are legal for driving across all 50 states. Eleven other states are actively engaged in adopting Reviver plates in the near-term.

To learn more about the Bakhtiari Auto Group, visit their websites:;;;;;


ReviverMX, Inc. ("Reviver") is the developer of a proprietary platform that integrates motor vehicle administrations (MVA) with vehicle owners through the company's digital license plates (DLP) and a smart phone app.  The platform allows MVAs to digitize vehicle registration renewals and a variety of compliance transactions for potential cost savings to MVAs. Additionally, the platform delivers a growing menu of DLP personalization features that customers manage from their smart phones.  Reviver sells two types of DLPs; the Rplate and the Rplate Pro. Both are legal for sale in California and Arizona with eleven states in various stages of adoption.  For additional company and product information visit


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