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New Stick On Face Masks for Folks Who Detest Loops

New Stick On Face Masks for Folks Who Detest Loops

New Stick On Face Masks for Folks Who Detest Loops

Vena Galena is Now Shipping Self Adhesive Face Masks (SAMs) Specifically Designed for Hair Salons and Barbershops

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VICTORIA, BC, Nov. 25, 2020

VICTORIA, BC, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Masks are a pain.  With the world see-sawing through re-openings, a Canadian company is reducing some of the grief by delivering patent pending new stringless masks to hair stylists across the continent. These Self-Adhesive Face Masks (SAMs) are more comfortable to the wearer and let the professional do better work, faster.  They attach quickly and easily using a skin friendly medical grade adhesive.  

Typical masks extend loops across sideburns and around the ears.   Stylists are challenged to work with these impediments in the hair which interfere with the normal combing, cutting, clipping, trimming, dying, bleaching, washing and related activities.

Vena Galena's SAMs eliminate those inconveniences while reducing transmission risks related to the all too frequent mask touching by the client and/or stylist.  They also dramatically reduce the numbers of 'noses seen.'

In an online review posted on the company Facebook page, Margie Meehan, a repeat buyer and stylist in Huntington Beach, California says "These masks are just crazy perfect! As a stylist I can easily get my work done and know that my client and I are both as safe as can be!! Simply brilliant! "

About Vena Galena Innovations Inc.

Vena Galena is a privately held firm created to bring the SAM product quickly to market.  Distribution to professionals is direct to shop via the company website at or Amazon.   

About Erik Djukastein, founder

Mr. Djukastein, 57, is a passionate champion of innovation and entrepreneurship.  For over thirty years he has focused on leading companies and developing or dramatically improving products that restore harmony when all else fails.  His past successes include brand names like the Scarecrow animal repellent and Scat Mat pet training mat. He has been a Thomas Alva Edison Innovation Award finalist, the past president of the Entrepreneurs Organization Victoria chapter ( and has been active on various boards.  Erik now brings that energy to innovating solutions for 'our new normal.'   

For more information visit

If you would like to ask questions or interview Erik Djukastein, please call 250-881-0283 or email

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