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HerdX Inc. Ends Successful Year of International Growth with Corporate Promotion

HerdX Inc. Ends Successful Year of International Growth with Corporate Promotion

HerdX Inc. Ends Successful Year of International Growth with Corporate Promotion

HerdX celebrates exponential growth into Japan, New Zealand, and throughout the 2019 by announcing a new Chief Business Development Officer

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SAN ANTONIO, Dec. 23, 2019

SAN ANTONIO, Dec. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Lauren Jones, who has been serving as HerdX's Corporate Communications Director, has been promoted to Chief Business Development Officer. Jones has been instrumental in developing and solidifying corporate retail relationships as well as with top beef and lamb producers, processors, and distributors across the U.S. this year. She has also provided strategic direction which has helped to complete HerdX's fully integrated blockchain network. Jones oversaw the launch of the UPS and HerdX partnership which integrated the two companies' global logistics, PR and operations teams to successfully complete an event in which Kansas raised beef was traced from the U.S to a Japanese restaurant using unique tracking and sensing technologies. 

The HerdX patented technology starts at the farm, providing valuable insights to the farmer while working to boost animal health through data and sustainable solutions.

"Blockchain traceability is a total buzzword right now in the food industry, but honestly it means very little if the health and history of the product being traced isn't verified at the farm level," says Jones. "There really is no other company in the world like HerdX, we are leading the way in providing truly authenticated traceability that starts with the raising of a healthier animal and can be scaled across the globe."

"We are now positioned to open up Canada and Mexico with the new USMCA agreement moving forward in addition to Australia this year, increasing digital trade for our company," states Ron Hicks, HerdX Founder and CEO. "Lauren is the leader we want to help with these new trading partners expanding our business even further."

About HerdX
HerdX, an agri-tech and data company, created the first end-to-end solution from farm to table for beef and lamb products. Starting at the farm, the HerdView system tracks animal movement providing insights and herd management tools for farmers. A select piece of that data is uploaded to blockchain and travels through the entire supply chain where then the meat is presented to the customer at a restaurant or grocery store. The customer is able to scan a QR code on the menu to view verified health and provenance data of the meat they are eating.

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