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Roaring Kitty's GameStop position worth over $386 million as of Monday morning

By Gordon Gottsegen

Keith Gill's Sunday night Reddit post provides a look at the GameStop investor's net worth

After three years of Reddit silence, the investor known as Roaring Kitty revealed on Sunday evening that he was holding a massive GameStop position. As of market open on Monday, that position would be worth over $386 million.

Keith Gill, who goes by Roaring Kitty on X and YouTube and as u/DeepF-ingValue on Reddit, gained notoriety for posting his bull-case theory for GameStop (GME) on social media. Gill posted about GameStop throughout the second half of 2020 and early 2021, when the meme-stock craze was at its height.

Because Gill had gotten into GameStop early, many observers wondered how much he made on the trade, or even if he had sold his position.

After more than three years, Gill may have provided an answer to those questions.

On Sunday night, Gill posted what he said was a snapshot of his portfolio on Reddit. The image showed he was holding 5 million shares of GameStop and 120,000 Jun 21 $20 call options. It also showed he was holding more than $29.2 million in cash.

After his post, shares of GameStop went flying in overnight trading. GameStop opened at $40.19 Monday morning, up from $23.14 at Friday's close. The videogame retailer's rally has since cooled off a little, but Gill's position remains hefty.

At an opening price of $40.19, Gill's 5 million shares would be worth $200.95 million. The value of Gill's options will likely fluctuate throughout the day, but a calculation based on this morning's price of $15.45 results in a value of about $185.4 million. Together, that represents a position worth $386.35 million.

Including Gill's $29,276,400.56 in cash, his net worth can be approximated to be at least $400 million. This is the most insight observers have had into the investor's positions and net worth since his last Reddit post, in 2021.

With a GameStop position this big, a significant portion of Gill's net worth is tied to the company. This position will continue to fluctuate with the highly volatile stock, but as of right now, Gill is still profitable on his trade.

-Gordon Gottsegen

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