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Unsung Hero Movie Releases Nationally on April 26

CEDARVILLE, OHIO, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “Unsung Hero” could be the next blockbuster Christian movie of our time. The movie releases in theaters nationwide on Friday, April 26, and is the story of the Smallbone family, which gave rise to Christian recording artists Rebecca St. James and For King and Country.

Cedarville University unsung hero connected with this movie is Parker Adams, a 2014 alumnus, who provided the editing to this upcoming movie.  

Adams has been editing some of the most popular Christian movies during the past several years, including “Ordinary Angels,” “I Still Believe” and “Unplanned.” As the founder of 1520 Creative, a Nashville-based communication firm, he is focused on helping movies tell positive, life-changing stories through his work.  

Adams originally enrolled at Cedarville to pursue a career in animation. It didn’t take him long, however, to find his passion in editing films.  

“I had a visceral moment with the Lord where I felt very clearly that I was called to make movies with excellence,” said Adams. “When I learned of my calling, my prayer was ‘Lord, I don’t have a way forward to become what you’re asking me to be. So, I’m going to give you my best and let you take care of the rest.’”

What transpired after Adams embraced the calling has been a remarkable journey that he never dreamed of or imagined.  

Opportunities presented themselves to Adams in the most remarkable ways. He recalls driving from Ohio to Nebraska — and missing college classes in the process — in hopes of meeting the Kendrick Brothers, producers of “Facing the Giants” and “Fireproof.” His dedication and tenacity landed him a production role in their next movie, “War Room.”  

And, since pushing through that first open door, Adams has enjoyed success as an editor, producer and screenwriter.

With numerous movie credits to his name Adams now serves on Cedarville University's broadcasting, digital media, and journalism advisory board, helping other creative-minded students find their passion in film.  

“In the early stages it’s about going out and doing it as much as possible without concern for what people are thinking; ultimately, you just want the Lord’s fingerprint to show through in your work,” said Adams. With “Unsung Hero” slated for release, Adams is looking forward to his next project, the upcoming Amazon series “House of David.” 

Adams was a guest on the Cedarville Stories Podcast with Mark D. Weinstein in which he shared his passion for filmmaking.

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Written by Ella Smith 


Mark D. Weinstein
Cedarville University

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