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Media Recap: Motion Pictures - The Jerry Schatzberg Archive Grand Opening at Morrison Hotel Gallery New York City

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NEW YORK, April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morrison Hotel Gallery proudly announces the addition of iconic photographer and film director Jerry Schatzberg to its esteemed roster of artists. In celebration of this momentous occasion, Morrison Hotel Gallery hosted the opening night exhibition of Motion Pictures - The Jerry Schatzberg Archive on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, at 116 Prince St, New York City, and will continue the celebration on April 24th at the Sunset Marquis, 1200 Alta Loma Rd., West Hollywood, CA.

The exhibition showcases never-before-seen images from Schatzberg’s archive, including a platinum print of his renowned photograph titled “Legs,” featuring Faye Dunaway. Among the attendees were luminaries from the worlds of film, photography, and music, including James Dylan (Bob Dylan's grandson), Avalon Hodges, Anna Sui, Dustin Pittman, and 96-year-old Jerry Schatzberg.

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Jerry to the Morrison Hotel Gallery family,” says CEO Adam Block. “To have the opportunity to contribute to the perpetuation of his artistic legacy - specifically his majestic photographic legacy - is an honor and we’ll be presenting him and his work with pride and vigor from this day on."

Revealing a playful sensibility, singular elegance and streak of unpretentious humor culled from the artist's Bronx upbringing, Jerry Schatzberg's success, spanning more than a half-century transcends time, genre and medium. From lensing silver screen muses like Faye Dunaway, Catherine Deneuve and Edie Sedgewick to music icons like Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Diana Ross, Schatzberg's historic oeuvre is grounded in an unrelenting search for glamor and earnest humanity. Yale History Department of Art and Culture critic Carlos Valladares adds, "His portraits are suffused with a charge of Rapport, the mysterious harmony between artist and subject that brings out the latter's anti surface soft side. Schatzbergian rapport -- whose hard-to-pin-down elements include ambling, improvisation, extension of the scene part a logical endpoint, getting to know a subject for an hour before the camera is even trained at them, regarding the subject from fantastically askew angles, and a gentle, punny humor cribbed from a Dictionary of Dad Jokes -- refuses to show a person as a cold, objective fact."

Marquee entries in his photographic archive include Bob Dylan (the cover of 1966’s Blonde on Blonde album), Francis Coppola, Andy Warhol, Arlo Guthrie, Roman Polanski, Fidel Castro, Milos Forman, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Rolling Stones, and many more. In addition, Schatzberg’s fashion photography graces the pages of Vogue, McCalls, Esquire, Glamour, Town & Country, and LIFE. A powerplayer of mid-century aestheticism, the award-winning master of film's accolades extend to directing such classics as The Panic In Needle Park (1971); Scarecrow (1973) which won Cannes Film Festival's coveted Golden Palm d'Or achievement; The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1979) starring Alan Alda, Meryl Streep, and Barbara Harris; and Street Smart (1987) which earned Morgan Freeman his first Oscar nomination.

View Jerry Schatzberg’s Collection:

About Jerry Schatzberg
From creator of poetic images to compelling storyteller, Jerry Schatzberg has, over the past three decades, excelled in both the realms of photography and filmmaking. Published in Vogue, McCall’s, Esquire, Glamour, and Life in the 1960’s. Schatzberg captured intimate portraits of the generations most notable artists, celebrities and thinkers (from Bob Dylan to Robert Rauschenberg), and he pushed on in the 1970s to the medium of film and participated in the renaissance of American cinema, directing films such as: Puzzle of a Downfall Child, The Panic in Needle Park, Scarecrow and Reunion. His films mark a significant time in the history of film when the importance of solid and introspective narrative proved paramount.

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