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KLoBot Introduces KLapper – Virtual Counsel Powered by Generative AI

NEWARK, N.J., April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KLoBot Inc, a leading provider of knowledge management solutions for the legal industry, today introduces KLapper, an innovative “no-code” DIY legal virtual assistant builder powered by Generative AI and exclusively crafted for law firms. KLapper represents a paradigm shift in how law firms approach knowledge management and client engagement, offering unprecedented capabilities and flexibility.

Designed specifically for Knowledge Management and innovation team members, KLapper empowers users to effortlessly design, train and deploy advanced virtual assistants without the need for extensive IT support.

KLapper is built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, providing a robust and scalable foundation for its advanced capabilities. It enables KM and innovations teams to deploy no-code virtual assistants across a wide range of channels, including Microsoft SharePoint, Zoom, Teams, web apps, mobile apps, Windows 11 and more.

“Our goal with KLapper is to empower law firms with smart, easy-to-use, affordable AI technology that streamlines processes, enhances client experiences and drives innovation,” says Ragav Jagannathan, president and CEO of KLST. “By combining the power of generative AI with seamless integrations into a firm’s DMS, time & billing platform, SQL Databases, KLapper provides attorneys and legal teams with a more complete picture of client, matter and business information that boosts productivity and informs higher-quality decisions.”

Moving Beyond Chatbots

Chatbots serve an important but limited purpose in law firms, in lead qualification, Q&A and appointment management.

Going beyond basic chatbot functions, generative AI-powered virtual assistants can learn and extract intelligence from firm documents, perform administrative tasks, coordinate meetings, perform time entry, apply for paid time off, approve expenses, and surface knowledge from time and billing systems, experience management applications, and custom databases. A client-facing virtual assistant can provide legal clients with 24/7 access to information and advice and providing details about cases. Generative AI-powered virtual assistants can also be used to create and compare personalized legal documents and contracts for each client. 

What sets KLapper apart:

GenAI-Powered Intelligence: KLapper leverages the power of generative AI to go beyond documents and learn your firm’s key business datasets through “intelligent connectors,” enabling it to provide contextually relevant responses and insights.

Secure Installation: KLapper can be seamlessly installed within your firm’s Microsoft Azure Tenant, ensuring the utmost privacy, confidentiality and security for your valuable data.

Usage-Based Licensing Model: Users can benefit from a flexible and cost-effective usage-based licensing model, allowing them to scale their virtual assistant capabilities as needed with minimal upfront costs.

KLapper is poised to revolutionize the way law firms operate, empowering them to leverage the latest AI technology without the complexity typically associated with such solutions. To learn more about KLapper and its transformative capabilities, visit

About KLoBot Inc
KLoBot Inc was started in the year 2019 with the mission to provide organizations with solutions that address changing business needs. With organizations embracing the technology-driven environment and working toward exceeding customer expectations, there is an increased demand for solutions that can empower firms to automate routine tasks and streamline business processes. KLoBot Inc will continue to evolve with a vision of driving digital transformations across several industries.

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