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Rootstack hosts its yearly technology event in collaboration with partners like Microsoft and UiPath

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At Rootstack we are hosting our annual technology event, a unique gathering where technology professionals, experts and enthusiasts come together to explore and share knowledge on digital innovation.

In this event, we will have the participation of some of our most notable partners: Microsoft, UiPath, Red Hat and Validated ID. It will be a great opportunity for you to connect with experts from these industry-leading companies and learn about the most advanced solutions and services they offer.

The appointment is September 21, 2023, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. at the Decapolis Hotel Panama, where we will meet to explore the latest technological trends and discover together new opportunities for innovation and growth.

What will you get at the event?

And not only will we have conferences from our partners, our own Rootstack experts will also share their valuable experiences and perspectives on different topics of interest in the corporate, business and technology area.

Our CTO and Co-Founder, Diego Tejera, will be one of our speakers, who will talk about how to transform data into actionable information. Likewise, our People Manager and Co-Founder, Juan Daniel Florez, will talk about how companies can build software development teams that are effective and deliver results.

We will also address more technical aspects with the help of two of our senior full stack developers: Héctor Rodríguez and Iván Mendoza. They will discuss topics related to the most popular development methodology of 2023 and Drupal & Arduino. Their knowledge and experience in technology are invaluable, and we are sure that their presentations will be very enriching.

The event will address a series of cutting-edge topics that reflect the current technological landscape, led by our prestigious partners. Some of the featured topics include:

VIDsigner eSignature: Discover how VIDsigner is revolutionizing the way we sign documents, providing a secure and simple solution for this essential process.

New Automation Directions: Explore the latest trends in automation and how they are transforming the way businesses operate.

Digital Evolution: Learn about digital evolution and how organizations can adapt and thrive in this new environment.

The Power of Digital Freedom: Discover how technology is empowering people and businesses to achieve new levels of digital freedom.

Towards the Secure Cloud with Microsoft Azure: Get valuable tips on how to migrate to the cloud safely and efficiently using Microsoft Azure.

This event promises to be an enriching experience and a unique opportunity to learn, connect and explore the possibilities that technology offers in today's world. We hope to see you on September 21 at the Decapolis Hotel Panama!

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