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ProcessMaker Unveils New Low Code iBPMs Platform

Durham, NC, Jan. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Raleigh-Durham based enterprise workflow software company ProcessMaker unveiled its largest major platform release yet. Their new platform is a low-code intelligent business process management system (iBPMs) which empowers citizen developers and IT to build workflows that solve complex problems with minimal technical effort. 

iBPMs represents the next evolution of workflow and business process management so ProcessMaker is strategically aligning itself to compete in a BPM market that is increasingly focusing on its ability to enhance workflows by connecting to multiple third-party systems, adding further intelligence and automation to processes. The company’s new platform is available as an open-source product on GitHub although ProcessMaker does offer an enterprise flavor of their platform where enterprise functionality is deployed on top of their core solution.

ProcessMaker held a product launch webinar that can be viewed here and is the first public showing of the new platform which uses an example workflow in higher education to show off some of the highlights of the new platform. Re-architected using the Laravel PHP framework and built on Amazon Web Services architecture, ProcessMaker features an intuitive, 100% BPMN 2.0 compliant process modeler, drag and drop screen/form designer, connectors that make it easy to integrate with third-party apps, and script tasks that allow developers to code custom functionality in their programming language of choice all make the new platform a strong contender in the workflow market.

ProcessMaker’s new, intelligent BPM platform for companies and enterprises that want to get ahead and stay ahead orchestrates both people and software to build strong, future-proof companies to outlast the competition and become engines for innovation. Business-users and developers alike can use the most cutting-edge workflow automation tools to digitally transform any business for success. ProcessMaker builds on popular BPM features and contains new, elegant features to provide the most powerful platform yet.

To learn more about ProcessMaker, visit or request a demo of their new platform here.

Matthieu McClintock
617-340-3377 ext. 6121