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Xcel Energy Offering EV Charging Programs in Colorado

   By Stephen Nakrosis 

Xcel Energy Inc. on Thursday said it was offering a number of electric vehicle charging programs in Colorado, which are intended to make EV charging fast, easy and more affordable.

The company said over a three-year period the programs will provide about 20,000 charging plugs in homes, businesses and public places in Colorado.

Xcel said it was launching four programs in the state for residential customers. EV Accelerate at Home will offer customers faster Level 2 chargers, which will be installed and maintained by Xcel Energy. The Optimize Your Charge program rewards customers who charge vehicles during off-peak periods with $50 on their bill every October, the company said.

Xcel also said there were programs to provide rebates for home wiring for an EV charger and for EV purchases or leases.

Xcel said it would provide an "EV concierge" to assist businesses, multifamily housing and communities looking to go electric, and is also offering assistance to businesses, organizations, communities and governments to build transportation electrification plans.

"We are absolutely committed to making electric transportation accessible to everyone, and our innovative programs will make it easier for all Colorado customers and communities to consider going electric," said Alice Jackson, president, Xcel Energy - Colorado.


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