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EMEA Morning Briefing: Stocks to Advance Further -2-

EDF said it made the request Saturday after receiving data from the managers of the Taishan nuclear power plant-located in the province of Guangdong 80 miles west of Hong Kong-showing an increase in the concentration of noble gases in one of its reactors' primary circuits, which is part of the reactor's cooling system.


Rapid Spread of Delta Coronavirus Variant Delays U.K.'s Full Reopening

LONDON-U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson delayed a long-awaited end to Covid-19 restrictions in England following an upswing in cases of a more contagious variant of coronavirus, highlighting how the virus can spread even within highly vaccinated populations.

The four-week delay offers a cautionary lesson to the U.S. and other countries about the risk of further outbreaks caused by new forms of the virus that are spreading around the world. The variant is primarily spreading among younger, unvaccinated groups in Britain but cases have been detected among older people who have had one and sometimes two doses of vaccine.


Biden, NATO Stress Threats From China and Russia

BRUSSELS-President Biden and NATO allies warned about China's global influence and called Russia a threat to European and Atlantic security, as the U.S. leader sought to marshal democratic nations against autocracies and bolster an alliance jolted by broadsides from his predecessor.

Despite an atmosphere of renewed comity among allies, disputes simmer over how to balance new threats from China against more traditional ones from Russia and how to address threats in new domains including cyber and space. Turkey's increasingly discordant role in the alliance also hung over the gathering.


Biden, Erdogan Meet in Attempt to Reset U.S.-Turkey Ties

ISTANBUL-President Biden met with Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the first time since taking office, as the two NATO allies attempt to repair a frayed relationship by seeking common cause over their security interests across the world, from Libya to Syria and Afghanistan.

"There is no problem with the U.S. that we cannot solve," Mr. Erdogan said following the meeting in Brussels on Monday.


Biden and Putin to Meet, With U.S.-Russia Relations at Post-Cold War Low

GENEVA-With U.S.-Russian relations at a post-Cold War low, Wednesday's summit between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin is gearing up to be a showdown between two leaders who have long been at odds.

Both sides have indicated they plan to use the summit in Geneva to project strength on the global stage and have lowered expectations that it will lead to a thaw in relations between Washington and Moscow.


Bitcoin on the Balance Sheet Is an Accounting Headache for Tesla, Others

Elon Musk reignited his curious Twitter relationship with bitcoin on Sunday, giving the cryptocurrency a small boost.

More pertinent to Tesla Inc. shareholders, however, is the hit to the company's bottom line this quarter from Mr. Musk's sometimes hot, sometimes cool attitude toward bitcoin.


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