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Adtran celebrates 75 years of Oscilloquartz network timing innovation

Adtran celebrates 75 years of Oscilloquartz network timing innovation

News summary:

  • Anniversary spotlights unique synchronization expertise and the industry’s most extensive assured PNT platform
  • Key milestones include market-first optical cesium atomic clocks – setting new standards for holdover and critical network timing
  • Oscilloquartz is also celebrating a decade of technological advancements and growth since joining forces with Adtran

Adtran today announced that this month marks the 75th anniversary of Oscilloquartz. Founded in 1949, Oscilloquartz has evolved into a global leader in PNT network timing technology, setting numerous industry benchmarks throughout its history. The company offers precision synchronization solutions that empower customers to overcome timing challenges in sectors from telecoms to critical defense infrastructure. Over the years, Oscilloquartz has consistently led the way with groundbreaking achievements, such as introducing the industry’s first optical cesium atomic clocks with optical pumping technology, which provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability. This month also commemorates 10 years since Oscilloquartz was acquired by ADVA, now part of Adtran, helping it expand its portfolio of cost-effective timing technologies and establish the leading assured PNT platform.

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Adtran’s Oscilloquartz timing technology is playing a key role in helping organizations strengthen critical network infrastructure. (Photo: Business Wire)

Adtran’s Oscilloquartz timing technology is playing a key role in helping organizations strengthen critical network infrastructure. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Celebrating 75 years of Oscilloquartz, alongside a decade since our integration into the Adtran family, represents a remarkable achievement. The dual anniversary highlights our enduring commitment to timing innovation and quality. Throughout these decades, we’ve navigated the evolving landscape from frequency solutions for legacy SONET/SDH to highly accurate frequency and time solutions for packet-based networks. Our dedication has enabled us to offer scalable technology that ensures robust timing, with or without satellite signals,” said Gil Biran, GM of Oscilloquartz, Adtran. “From pioneering the integration of synchronization delivery and assurance to bringing timing closer to end applications through our compact, low-power devices, including our latest family of OSAinside products, our portfolio has consistently addressed our customers’ key challenges. More recently, the introduction of the first commercial optical cesium atomic clocks was another major leap, significantly enhancing the precision and stability of network timing while substantially extending lifespan.”

Since its inception, Oscilloquartz has led the field in network synchronization, setting standards with the industry’s first commercial magnetic cesium atomic clock in 1966 and spearheading telecoms timing solutions in 1978. In 1982, it transformed the market by introducing the first high-performance quartz oscillators and resonators, which played a key role in developing the European Digital Cesium Standard in 1988. After its acquisition in 2014, Oscilloquartz expanded its global presence, with leading service providers adopting its products. It also provided customized solutions across metrology, finance and national defense sectors. Its leadership in cesium clock technology won support for its R&D initiatives from the European Space Agency. Continuing its legacy of innovation, Oscilloquartz recently enhanced the resiliency of GPS/GNSS systems with its Iridium®-based Satellite Time and Location (STL) technology solutions, leveraging low-Earth orbit satellite signals for more reliable, secure synchronization even in challenging environments.

“This historic anniversary is a moment to appreciate Oscilloquartz’s incredible journey, from its initial project at the astronomical observatory in Neuchâtel 70 years ago to the forefront of timing technology today,” commented Christoph Glingener, CTO of Adtran. “Over the last decade, the integration with ADVA and then Adtran has enriched Oscilloquartz’s offerings through the combined expertise of our teams. This era saw the debut of compact and cost-effective Oscilloquartz synchronization devices, delivering unmatched precision at the network edge. Its core grandmasters set new industry benchmarks with their 10GbE support and hardware timestamping. Together with Oscilloquartz’s optical atomic cesium clocks, they create a SePRTC+, guaranteeing accurate, reliable timing even during GNSS disruptions for up to 100 days. This combination of the industry’s most scalable family of grandmasters based on zero-trust architecture, coupled with optical pumping technology, sets Oscilloquartz apart today. As part of the Adtran family, Oscilloquartz will continue its legacy of excellence, keeping customers at the forefront of synchronization technology.”

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