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United States Investing Championship 2023 Final Results

United States Investing Championship 2023 Final Results

The United States Investing Championship just announced the final standings for the 2023 Investing Championship. There were three hundred fifty-two competitors. Prior top performers include Paul Tudor Jones, Louis Bacon, Mark Minervini, and David Ryan.

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Tanmay Khandelwal, Columbia Univ. Winner, $1,000,000+ Division (Photo: Business Wire)

Tanmay Khandelwal, Columbia Univ. Winner, $1,000,000+ Division (Photo: Business Wire)

Winning the $1,000,000+ stock division with a one-year gain of + 129% is twenty-three-year-old Tanmay Khandelwal of TwoX Capital Management. Mr. Khandelwal was born and raised in Indore, India. He has a degree from Columbia University in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. In second place, + 69.7%, is Vibha Jha, a retired healthcare executive. Ms. Jha was + 155.2% in 2020 and + 100.4% in 2021. In third place, + 61.3%, is Luis Tarin of Arizona. Mr. Tarin was born in Mexico and raised in Albuquerque. He is a business developer. In fourth place, + 56.9%, is B.J. Patel, a cardiologist from Tampa Bay, Florida. Other traders reporting significant profits are John Ward of Mystic Valley Investments + 30.6%, Timothy Langdon + 26.1%, and DeWayne Merritt + 14%.

Among participants trading less than $1,000,000 in stocks, the winner is Goverdhan Gajjala, + 805.1%. This is the second-highest performance in the history of the competition. Mr. Gajjala was born in India and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a private software consultant. Second is Afzal Lokhandwala + 500.2%. Mr. Lokhandwala won this division last year with a gain 447%. He is a Chartered Accountant from Morbi, India. Third is Miguel Zambrano Sanchez, + 347.7%, an economist from Lima, Peru. Fourth is Marios Stamatoudis, + 291.2%, from Athens, Greece. Fifth is Deepak Uppal, + 259.2%, from Oak Brook, Illinois. Other participants reporting significant profits are Gemy Zhou + 186.7%, Sean Ryan + 151.4%, Win Wind + 144.6%, Drew McConnell + 135.6%, Scott Frazier + 133.4%, Kohei Yamada + 113.7%, Gabriel Blanco + 108.3%, John Rodrigues + 106.5%, Trader Urus + 83.2%, Howie Musser + 82.7%, Konstantin Lazarov + 80.5%, Gravity Analytica + 73.2%, Aziz Hammouche + 70.3%, Nhek Someth + 69.8%, Steven Chase + 67.6%, Mike Freeman + 55.2%, James Yang + 54.7%, Daniel Kovari + 53.7%, Bill Roller + 43.2%, Christian Fromhertz + 41.1%, Dheeraj Kumar Sharma + 40.1%, Neil Flores + 40.1%, Byron Vos + 34.4%, Jose Burgos + 34%, CH Kelvin + 32.2%, Shreyas Bharadwaj + 29.6%, Gareth Packer + 27%, and Rob Reilly + 22.7%.

The enhanced growth division allows the trading of futures and long options. Among participants trading over $1,000,000 in that division, the winner, + 91.7%, is the Derivatix Capital Management/Fortune Reliance Fund, managed by Maziyar Yousefizad. Mr. Yousefizad finished first last year in this division, + 44.4%. Before founding Derivatix Capital Management, he worked as a senior risk and business analyst for CIBC and T.D., two Canadian banks in Toronto. Second, + 16.2%, is Michael Cook, from London.

Among participants trading futures or options with accounts under $1,000,000, the winner is Anthony Maffei, + 309%, from Miami, founder of Arete Trading. Mr. Maffei previously worked for several investment banks, including Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette and Credit Suisse. Second is John Rodrigues + 270.4%. Mr. Rodrigues was born in Anadia, Portugal, and currently lives in Roseland, NJ. He works for PGIM in investment operations. Third is John Zachary, + 234.1%, from Cape Coral, Florida. His trading methods are explained on his website, Other traders reporting significant profits include Suresh Ganapathy + 157.9%, Afzal Lokhandwala + 145.2%, Marcin Dydak + 117.8%, Wind Win + 117.5%, Renee Hirsch, + 112.9%, Andrew O’Connell + 103.5%, Syed Hilmy Zainol Abidin + 91.4%, JE Arteaga + 82.3%, Trader Urus + 77.9%, Vishal B Malkan + 72.6%, Zisan Sunesara + 46.1%, Naoufel Taief + 44.7%, Salman Syed + 39.8%, SK Chong + 39.3%, Jason Landry + 39.2%, Sam Calvanese + 36.1%, Sergei Nekora + 36% and Lei Wei + 35.8%.

Since its inception in 1983, the United States Investing Championship has attracted legendary traders, including Paul Tudor Jones, Louis Bacon, Mark Minervini, David Ryan, Dr. Edward O. Thorpe, Mark Strome, Doug Kass, Sheen Kassouf, Marty Schwartz, Frankie Joe, Tom Basso, Cedd Moses, Gil Blake, Robert Prechter, Jr., and Bruno Combier.

The standings appear on, along with articles about top performers from Business Insider, Institutional Investor, Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other financial publications.

Entries for the 2024 competition are currently being accepted at A new website,, has been launched for accounts solely over $1,000,000.

The contest coordinator, Dr. Norman Zadeh (aka Zada), taught Operations Research in a visiting capacity at Stanford, UCLA, UC Irvine, and Columbia Universities between 1975 and 1983. Dr. Zadeh managed hedge funds from 1991 to 2012. He is the son of Lotfi Zadeh, the creator of fuzzy logic. Norm is the author of four books, Fox News: The Enemy Within (released in 2021), The Rise and Fall of Perfect 10 (released in 2021), Hold 'em Poker Super Strategy (released in 2020), and Winning Poker Systems (Prentice Hall, 1974). Dr. Zadeh owns a small record label called Zada Records (see and just completed a $50,000 search for top singers. He is also a songwriter. His songs include Dreaming of You, It's Christmas, Someday, I Just Need a Chance, and Lifetime in Love.

For more information, contact Dr. Norman Zadeh or call 310-409-7193.

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