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Indian Residential School Survivors Gain Access to Cutting-Edge Brain Health Program

Indian Residential School Survivors Gain Access to Cutting-Edge Brain Health Program

IRSSS, ABI Wellness, Best Buy Canada Provide Health Support for Trauma, Brain Injury

The Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS) will be implementing a new brain healing program in partnership with ABI Wellness, a Vancouver-based company that provides training and technology for cognitive rehabilitation and enhancement. Best Buy Canada has donated software in support of this initiative.

“We’re providing members of our community with access to a program that can empower them to improve their brain health and build a better quality of life,” says Angela White, IRSSS Executive Director.

150,000 First Nations, Inuit and Metis children were part of the residential school system and suffered severe abuse. Such cases of early childhood trauma can lead to PTSD, depression, substance abuse, and affect brain development. As a result, survivors can face a wide range of brain health challenges throughout their lives.

“ABI Wellness is privileged to be able to support IRSSS with this program. Our team is excited to have the opportunity to serve this community with our technology,” says Mark Watson, CEO and Co-founder of ABI Wellness.

The goals of this initiative are:

  • To provide more healing options for members of the IRSSS community.
  • To empower IRSSS frontline support workers with more therapeutic options for community members that can improve the quality of life for all involved.
  • To provide hope for a better future for all survivors of Indian residential schools.

“Using technology to make a difference in our communities is central to our purpose and values at Best Buy Canada. This is an important project, and we hope it has an impact.” says Jen Knight, Social Impact and Sustainability Manager, Best Buy Canada.

To get involved and donate, visit

The Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS) strives to provide physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual growth, development, and healing through culturally-based values and guiding principles for Survivors, Families, and Communities.

ABI Wellness is a Vancouver-based technology company that provides transformative evidence-based programs designed to enhance brain health and quality of life.

Best Buy Canada Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Best Buy Co., Inc., Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest and most successful omni-channel retailers, operating the Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad brands.

Emlyn Swartzberg
Marketing Specialist
ABI Wellness

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