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Speedchain Partners with Mastercard to Modernize Commercial Debit and Credit Payments

Speedchain Partners with Mastercard to Modernize Commercial Debit and Credit Payments

Leveraging Mastercard technology, Speedchain members will be able to utilize new payment options designed to promote speed and security

Speedchain Inc., a fintech focused on revolutionizing business to business commerce via its connected data platform, today announced a multifaceted partnership with Mastercard.

Leveraging Mastercard’s network and innovative payments technology, Speedchain member organizations of all sizes can experience modernized ways to pay by connecting virtual purchasing cards to the Speedchain platform and leveraging Mastercard rails for vendor payments. Speedchain members can now connect Mastercard virtual cards to the Speedchain B2B SuperApp, which is designed to offer improved payment security, enriched data, and enhanced user experience for vendors through its reporting, cash management and threat detection capabilities.

Speedchain helps public and private sector enterprises pay in real time, detect and prevent fraud, and manage efficiencies for a streamlined payment process. This partnership with Mastercard is a part of Speedchain’s journey to accelerate and add capacity to its platform, which has distributed over $1.6 Billion in both corporate and government sector transactions since 2021.

“Speedchain is dedicated to bringing transaction experiences to our members that are more secure, flexible and data driven. This partnership helps enhance our ability to deliver on that promise at scale. This collaboration is also about people, and we are very excited to work with an expert team at Mastercard that share our passion for delivering excellent and innovative products,” said Speedchain CEO, Daniel Cage.

“Mastercard is committed to modernizing payments around the world – and we’re doing that today with partners like Speedchain by reinventing how businesses send and receive payments,” said Marie Elizabeth Aloisi, executive vice president, Commercial Solutions at Mastercard. “Pairing Speedchain’s data-rich platform with Mastercard’s multi-rail capabilities, we are unlocking new opportunities for public and private sector companies large and small.”

About Speedchain:

Speedchain provides a modernized approach for delivering more effective, efficient and secure B2B payments. Our cloud native platform enables our members to experience flexible, fast, transparent transactions and achieve deeper insights into their B2B activities.

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