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MatSing, Beam Wireless and Verizon Partner to Deliver 5G at Acrisure Stadium

MatSing, Beam Wireless and Verizon Partner to Deliver 5G at Acrisure Stadium

60 MatSing lens antennas ensure high-capacity connectivity to enhance venue experience for Steeler Nation and beyond

MatSing, the pioneer of high-capacity lens antennas, today announced its latest deployment at Acrisure Stadium, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and University of Pittsburgh Panthers. Deployed by Verizon, 60 of MatSing’s innovative lens antennas will provide superior connected experience for fans and patrons on Verizon’s 5G Ultra-Wideband and Nationwide networks at the stadium.

Supporting all bands and frequencies, including C-Band, was a key requirement for the ultra 5G network at Acrisure Stadium. The lens antennas are deployed to cover the upper bowl seating areas of the stadium. Fans who want to post to socials, check their fantasy rosters or share highlights will find improved mobile connectivity capable of supporting the bandwidth needed for these experiences.

“Providing ultra-fast and high-capacity networks for an immersive experience is imperative today, and we are pleased to be a Verizon partner as they continue to densify 5G nationwide,” said MatSing CEO Bo Larsson. “As a leading antenna provider at venues and events globally, we connect millions of people and devices. Capable of providing up to 48 high-capacity coverage sectors, the added connectivity will augment the venue experience while enabling the low latency, ultra-fast applications promised by 5G. We are pleased to meet the requirements of the C-Band spectrum and be a part of the network that will elevate the game-day and event experience at the venue for years to come.”

While C-Band has been aggressively deployed outdoors in the US over the past year, the carrier focus is now shifting to provisioning C-Band indoors especially in large venues. As an early adopter, Acrisure Stadium will be one of the first football venues to support C-Band and deliver 5G ultra connections.

“As we prioritize quality in every facet of our 5G projects, we select the highest performing network elements possible,” emphasized Kevin Schmonsees, Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Beam Wireless. “For the Acrisure Stadium network, we are extremely pleased with the choice of MatSing as a major antenna provider. MatSing lens antennas are known to outperform other types of antennas, and the rapid deployment and seamless integration into the Verizon network set them apart.”

The deployment of the lens antennas comes just in time for the Pittsburgh Steelers latest season, with Steeler Nation getting to experience the improved mobile connectivity for the first time during the September 18 home game against the New England Patriots.

About MatSing

Founded in 2005, MatSing has developed and patented new meta-materials to create the world’s first lightweight and multibeam Lens Antennas. This new approach for high-performance, high-capacity antenna design is more efficient and offers key advantages over traditional antennas, the ability to provide broadband coverage, emit and maintain multiple beams, and to do so cleanly with minimal RF interference. Nationwide coverage isn’t the only critical challenge facing telecoms companies, and MatSing’s Lens antenna solution is ideal to meet the capacity demands at outdoor events, stadiums and macro uses in cities, suburbs and rural areas. Each antenna can provide multiple independent sectors, up to 48, providing the highest capacity across multiple bands with the fewest antennas possible. MatSing lens technology is the perfect fit for 4G LTE and 5G mobile broadband coverage, and it is the most cost-effective network densification tool in the industry.

To learn more about MatSing RF lens antennas, please visit us at MatSing - RF Lens Technologies or send an email to our expert staff at

About Beam Wireless

Beam Wireless provides wireless solutions and services no matter how simple or complex the scope requirements. We offer total turn-key DAS, DRAN, 5G, Small Cell, Public Safety, and Private LTE (CBRS) solutions and services from project start to project finish. Once a system is deployed, we offer continued maintenance support via our proprietary MAGNIFY monitoring solution.

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