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InSitu Biologics INSB200™ Poster Chosen “Best of Meeting” at American Society of Regional Anesthesia Pain Meeting

InSitu Biologics INSB200™ Poster Chosen “Best of Meeting” at American Society of Regional Anesthesia Pain Meeting

The American Society of Regional Anesthesia has chosen InSitu Biologics’ INSB200™ poster as a Best of Meeting presentation in Emerging Technologies for their 20th Annual Pain Meeting in November 2021. The “Best of Meeting” Award is given for a select number of scientific presentations that are anticipated to have a significant impact on clinical care in the future.

INSB200™, currently in pre-clinical development by InSitu Biologics, is a hydrogel-lipid-microparticle matrix containing ropivacaine and characterized by a dual-phase release of the drug. Medications placed within the matrix have a significantly prolonged duration of action in comparison to traditional and long-acting local anesthetics. The matrix, which has a unique ultrasound signal, is being designed to enable a physician to visualize the placement of the medication adjacent to a tissue target.

The Emerging Technology presentation includes results from InSitu’s first ultrasound study, which showed enhanced ultrasound characteristics when utilizing INSB200™, enabling precise placement of medication in tissues. In addition, the presentation will provide a review of pre-clinical data demonstrating the potential to provide effective pain relief after a single injection for over 120 hours.

“At a time when the healthcare community is demanding alternatives to opioid therapy that can provide extended pain relief, our INSB200™ investigational drug product represents a promising opportunity that we look forward to progressing into clinical trials,” said Kevin Bassett, President, and CEO of InSitu Biologics.

Mark Ereth, MD, Chief Medical Officer of InSitu Biologics, and Emeritus Professor, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, said, “Significant increases in out-patient surgery and health care at home are in our future. In these settings, patients deserve and in fact will demand effective pain relief without the side effects of narcotics for the first week after surgery. InSitu Biologics is committed to developing drugs like INSB200™ to meet the needs of patients.”

“Using a drug delivery platform such as the technology developed by InSitu Biologics has the potential to extend the effective duration of action of local anesthetics today and likely other medications in the future,” stated Medical Advisory Board member Jeffrey Gadsden, MD, Chief of Orthopedics, Plastics, and Regional Anesthesiology, Duke University School of Medicine.

The full poster is available here.

InSitu Biologics: InSitu Biologics in an emerging biotech company focused on the development of a multi-phase prolonged-release drug delivery platform for localized treatment of pain, cancer, and infection. The Company uses disruptive technology to address unmet needs in the pain management and drug delivery markets.

INSB200™ is currently in the investigational pre-clinical stage. It is not yet for sale in any geography.

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