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HangFive Releases ‘HANG5’ – The World’s First Eastern Astrology-based Dating App

HangFive Releases ‘HANG5’ – The World’s First Eastern Astrology-based Dating App

HangFive, Inc. announces the launch of HANG5, the first dating app to offer East Asian astrology-based compatibility matching.

HANG5 bridges modern dating and Eastern spirituality, catering to the rapidly growing interest in traditional forms of astrology among Gen Z women. The app offers personalized birth charts and daily horoscopes based on Four Pillars astrology and comes with an opt-in “Match” feature, which uses a proprietary compatibility algorithm to connect interested users.

The recent boom in dating apps has not benefited all users equally. The typical male-to-female ratio hovers around 4:1 for most popular apps, perpetuating the gender imbalance among the user base and resulting in a high churn rate among women. “Astrology content empowers female users to interact with other users on their terms,” says William Baek, co-founder and CEO of HangFive, and early data suggest he may be onto something: among registrants for the app’s beta service, female users outnumbered male users 3:2.

HangFive plans to provide more sophisticated fortune-telling and matching content by applying machine learning-based algorithms. Baek adds, “We believe in the power of information. By providing data-driven, relevant content, we help our users exercise a greater sense of control over their lives.”

HANG5 is available for free on the Apple App Store (Click here) and the Google Play Store (Click here).

About HangFive, Inc.:

Founded by Columbia Business School MBA graduates and executives of MyMusicTaste, HangFive is now home to HANG5, the very first Eastern astrology-based dating app on the market. HANG5 came to life in the 2019 Columbia Hackathon, where its proposal to offer a better and more multifaceted mobile dating environment for Gen Z female users placed first in the competition.

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