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Gen Pledges To Help Close the Gender Gap in Europe’s Cybersecurity Industry

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / May 17, 2024 / Gen:

Gen will support women to grow their skills and advance their careers

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Today's cybersecurity professionals face their fair share of challenges. From AI and phishing attacks to remote work and mobile security, the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and studies show that there aren't enough cybersecurity experts available to meet these threats adequately.

What's more, the existing cybersecurity field is mostly white and male, despite data from the latest ISC2 Cybersecurity Workforce Survey that shows nearly 70% of cybersecurity professionals see inclusion as critical to their teams' success. Estimates show that only 22% of the cybersecurity workforce in Europe is currently made up of women.

That's where we come in. In April 2024, Gen signed a Pledge to the European Commission Digital Skills and Jobs Platform to help close the gender gap in the tech sector and train more women for success in cybersecurity fields. Through our longstanding partnership with Women4Cyber, we will support free mentorship to 1,000 women across Europe by April 2025. Together, we have also set a goal for 15% of each mentorship cohort to consist of women from underrepresented backgrounds.

"As a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety, Gen has a mission to create solutions that enable people to navigate their digital lives safely, privately and confidently," said Gen CEO Vincent Pilette. "As part of this mission, we are also deeply invested in closing the cybersecurity skills and talent gap in the European Union and globally. We highly value the opportunity to join forces with other organizations through Women4Cyber to support women in improving their cybersecurity skills and the advancement of their careers at all levels."

Empowering Women to Succeed in Cybersecurity

Gen will carry out our pledge through our exclusive sponsorship of the Women4Cyber Mentoring Programme, which is open to women of all experience levels. The program pairs mentees with Gen and other corporate mentors for a six-month training program that covers skills development and career progression. Additional features include networking opportunities, supplementary webinars and more.

Our Pledge raises the profile of our partnership with Women4Cyber, which began in 2022 and includes an investment of $150,000 annually for three years. Since the start of our work together, the organization has mentored nearly 700 European women, many of whom were mentored directly by Gen team members. Hundreds more have attended Women4Cyber events, webinars and the annual W4C Conference.

Anyone looking to sign up as a mentor or mentee should bookmark this page. The next cohort will open in the fall.

Driving Industry-Wide Change

As part of the pledge, Gen will also lead two public, virtual roundtable discussions about women in the IT sector more broadly, raising awareness of the critical need for change in the industry and the opportunities for growth that inclusion provides. This issue has long been a strategic focus for Gen, as demonstrated by our work with organizations such as Czechitas and nasscom foundation, which promote the upskilling of women with cyber skills in the Czech Republic and India, respectively.

"I'm thrilled that we are able to continue our collaboration with Gen under the banner of an official Pledge on the EU Cybersecurity Skills Academy," said Nina Olesen, Chief Operating Officer, Women4Cyber. "With the help of experienced mentors and dedicated networking activities, women will be equipped with the tools to navigate their journey in cybersecurity while opening doors within the job market. I hope that the program will serve as a catalyst for mentorship and onboarding of young talent in cyber at scale."

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Kim Allman leads global public policy for Gen based out of Washington, D.C.

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