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BitMine Immersion Technologies CEO Discusses Future of Bitcoin in Interview with

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2023 / Inc. ("SCV") announces the availability of an interview with Jonathan Bates, chairman and CEO of BitMine Immersion Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK:BMNR) ("the Company"), a technology company specialized in immersion technology for bitcoin mining., Tuesday, March 28, 2023, Press release picture

With immersion technology, servers run fully submerged in a dielectric fluid that efficiently cools the machines. Removing heat in this manner allows for superior machine output and energy efficiency compared to conventional mining processes, ultimately improving yield and margins.

Speaking with SCV's Stuart Smith, Bates provides an intriguing look at BitMine, which is likely the first specifically branded immersion public company, before diving into the state of the bitcoin industry and where the Company fits in.

"This is the future of mining. A lot of bigger companies ... have been touting their newly found expertise in immersion. Our team has been doing this for five years, even though this company is new," Bates says. As discussed in the interview, his confidence in the Company and his team is further demonstrated by management's decision to work for equity rather than draw a salary.

The interview also highlights BitMine's recent milestones, operational goals for 2023, and other points of interest for the investment community.

"We represent a thematic play in the most cutting-edge version of bitcoin mining itself. Outside of the futures for bitcoin and ETFs, it's the miners that are the public market representation," he says. "Our play is a peripheral, smaller, potentially, ideally more upside way to thematically play bitcoin … If you line us up against the other miners, our marketcap is a lot smaller - thinner float and such - but I think we've got a lot of potential upside there."

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About BitMine Immersion Technologies, Inc.

BitMine Immersion Technologies, Inc. is a technology company focused on Bitcoin mining using immersion technology, an advanced cooling technique whereby computers are submerged in specialized oil circulated to keep units operating at optimal ambient temperature. Immersion technology is more environmentally friendly that conventional mining methodologies, while lowering expenses and increasing yield. BitMine's flagship operations are located in low-cost energy regions in Trinidad and Pecos, Texas.

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