Kuende, A Groundbreaking Hybrid Social Media Platform, Announces Public Token Sale

07/04/18 10:00 AM EDT

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 4, 2018 / Kuende, the hybrid social media platform that aims to bring people together via gamified challenges, has announced it’s public token sale. The public sale will officially open for contributions on the 1st of August. Kuende Tokens (KUE) and Kuende Points (Kp) serve as the cornerstone of Kuende’s ecosystem and are the key to the gamified challenges that incentivize users. The whitelist process will begin the first week of July and last through the end of the month. The public sale will begin immediately afterwards, completing at the end of August. Note that upon completion of the ICO, no more KUE tokens will be issued. 1 ETH will equal 50,000 KUE tokens.


The KUE token is an ERC20 token and built off the Ethereum blockchain. The team behind Kuende, including several ex-Google developers, believes that there need to be a change in how current social media functions, and this token and the gamified ecosystem it creates is the way to fix it.

“We’re extremely excited about the upcoming public sale of our Kuende Token. It will not only help fund development of Kuende’s platform, but it will also serve as the foundation of our gamification-based social media platform”, said Pavel Antohe, CEO and Founder of Kuende. “If you want to be part of something that revolutionizes how people interact offline and online, I highly encourage that you participate in our sale!”

Incentivized Challenges: KUE is a finite supply token that unlocks the features of the Kuende platform. For example, only KUE holders have the unique ability to be “creators” on the platform. Meaning, KUE holders can create and vote on challenges, while also able to delegate their tokens to community members who do not have KUE tokens. This process allows more community members the ability to become active participants on the platform. Through the entire platform, all participants will be incentivized and rewarded based on both their individual engagement and the community success of the challenge. In doing so, Kuende succeeds in putting the “social” back in “social media.” For example, some challenges involve participating in a book club or a networking event, which then rewards users with Kuende Points on the platform. Other challenges can come from other communities in Kuende, be sponsored by companies, or be overall user challenges. Kuende will be incorporating augmented reality challenges (think Pokemon-Go) with the vision to transform the way businesses and consumers interact together.

Tokenized Economy: In the third quarter of 2018, Kuende will integrate blockchain technology into its platform in order to deploy its tokenized microeconomy. This blockchain technology would power the KUE token and the incentivized challenge platform. Moreover, smart contracts and blockchain technology ensure that all information on the Kuende platform is kept safe and secure, while also offering complete transparency for all transactions. Additionally, the blockchain allows for a measurable way to determine the amount of Kp reward that KUE users can gain when engaging with some Kuende features.

Already Developed: Kuende is a well-established app with a fully fledged feature set and more than $2.6 million in investment raised in the last three years. It contains text and multimedia chat, self-curating feeds, and achievements for users. It has a 5 out of 5 rating on TrackICO, which is one of the most well regarded ICO rating service online. The Google Play store lists Kuende’s rating as 4.8 stars with more than 20,000 app downloads and a combined 56,000 users on both desktop and mobile.

About Kuende:

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Kuende - Motivation. Challenge. Hope. - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31SMT779xRA


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