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Global Fund Flows Record Massive ETF Inflows

Morningstar’s 2022 report breaks down flows by category, region, asset class and more for insight into investor behavior.

In 2022, investors withdrew just $530 billion from long-term funds and exchange-traded funds, or 1.1% of 2021's assets. While the percentage is small, 2022 marks the first year of negative overall fund flows in Morningstar's data set.

However, despite turmoil in investment markets, the stark disparity between open-end and ETF fund flows in 2022 is the story of the year.

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Research Library Global Fund Flows Record Massive ETF Inflows

What's Inside

  • Leaders and laggards in fund flows by category
  • A deep dive into the state of the largest fund families
  • How market share is shifting among fund types

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