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Load-Waived Fund Quote Page

On Morningstar.com, we offer load-waived versions of quote pages for mutual funds that have A share classes with front-end loads.

How are the two quote pages different? Most of the data on the load-waived quote page (which is designated by an ".lw" after the fund ticker) is the same as the corresponding A share for the fund. However, load-adjusted data points, such as the Morningstar Rating, rating-related scores and returns, tax-adjusted returns, and any percentile ranks based on these measures, are calculated without the load for the load-waived quote page.

Why is the load-waived quote page useful? Many investors are able to purchase A shares without paying a load--typically through 401(k)s or similar qualified retirement plans. In addition, those investing larger sums are given a break on some or all of the front load. Investors who are able to access such load-waived share classes will want to see their funds' performance metrics absent the effect of the load, which is why Morningstar.com offers the .lw fund quote pages for them.

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