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User Guide

Basic Fund Screener

Search and filter funds by performance, ratings, or financials, and browse those that match your investment criteria. Select from the following:

  • Fund Type: Fund group, Morningstar category, manager tenure.
  • Cost and purchase: minimum initial investment, load, expense ration.
  • Ratings and risk: Exclusive Morningstar star rating and risk assessment.
  • Returns: Total returns ranging from year-to-date to 10-year.
  • Portfolio: For stock funds-turnover, total assets, average market capitalization. For bond funds- average credit quality and duration.

As an example, here’s how to screen for 1) Large Growth funds with a 2) $1,000 minimum initial investment, a 3) expense ratio of up to 1%, and 4) a Morningstar Star Rating of four stars:

From the Results screen, you can then:

  • Choose from four different views. (Snapshot, Performance, etc.)
  • Sort the results by clicking on any column heading.
  • Use Change Criteria to start a new search.