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UBS Dynamic Alpha P BNAYX

Rating as of
NAV / 1-Day Return
6.07  /  0.33 %
Total Assets
27.1 Mil
Adj. Expense Ratio
Expense Ratio
Fee Level
Longest Manager Tenure
4.31 years
Macro Trading
Alt Style Correlation / Relative Volatility
High / Medium
Min. Initial Investment
TTM Yield

Morningstar’s Fund Analysis BNAYX

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Discontinuing Analyst Coverage of UBS Dynamic Alpha

Analyst Note

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After reviewing the fund following its most recent manager changes, Morningstar Research Services LLC is discontinuing analyst coverage of UBS Dynamic Alpha BNAAX. This fund has undergone significant manager turnover in the past several years, and assets under management have fallen considerably. Morningstar Research Services LLC constantly reviews the investments it covers to ensure it is analyzing and rating those that are the most relevant to investors. Relevance is measured by a number of quantitative and qualitative factors, including, but not limited to, assets under management, inflows and outflows, the uniqueness of strategy and process, prominence of the management team and parent company, performance, and investor and client interest. To see previous analyses of this strategy, consult the Analyst Report Archive.

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