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Weekly Wrap: The CPI Report, Inflation, and What Bond-Fund Investors Got Wrong

We recap the week and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

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Private Funds: An Ongoing Danger The benefits of keeping investment executives on a tight leash. Are Bond Investors Making a Mistake by Bailing Out? The scale of this year's outflows suggests panic may be prevailing. Why We Trade Advice to buy and hold doesn't appeal to every investor. A Down-Market Survival Guide for Retirees These six steps can help you navigate market volatility in retirement. The 10 Best Companies to Invest in Now The undervalued stocks of high-quality companies are compelling investments today. Why Is Rogers Communications Stock So Cheap? It's time for investors to move on from the "Rogers Outage of 2022."

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz

The Best Inflation-Fighting Investments for Retirement Portfolios In-retirement portfolio allocations should include a blend of inflation hedges and inflation beaters.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds

Why We Downgraded One of Matthews Asia's Biggest Funds Plus a look at an upgrade, a downgrade, and a fund that is new to coverage. 3 Low-Volatility Funds in the Zone Low-volatility funds are an unsung success story of 2022. Why This Inflation Bond Fund Isn't a Buy American Funds Inflation Linked Bond's macro strategy courts higher volatility than other inflation bond offerings. Tactical Investment Strategies That Bolster Performance If used correctly, these ETFs can harness momentum and add value to your portfolio. 3 Great ETFs to Play a Supporting Role in Your Portfolio These stock exchange-traded funds are well-suited to complement your core holdings. A Bold Fund Blindsided by a Biotech Blowup Invesco Global Opportunities took a big hit when its Nektar stock lost that sweet taste. For Income Investors, Bond Yields Are Looking Attractive While it could be a bumpy ride, bond yields are at their highest levels in many years.


Nvidia: Stock of the Week Crypto moves on from graphics cards, hurting Nvidia results. What Does Palo Alto Networks' Stock Split Mean for Investors? The wide-moat cybersecurity company is scheduled to split its shares for the first time. Dividend Stock Deep Dive: Banks and Capital Allocation How do banks balance dividends, internal investment, and buybacks?

Rekenthaler Report

What Bond-Fund Investors Get Wrong They flee opportunities rather than seize them.

The Long View Podcast

Why You Should Be a Valuation-Focused Investor Causeway's Sarah Ketterer shares her advice on value versus valuation investing. Farnoosh Torabi: 'Money Is Meaningless Without Goals' The personal finance expert and author discusses how couples can navigate earnings differences and says that fear can be a financial superpower.

Sustainability Matters

3 Fund Firms With Above-Average Sustainability Practices A peek behind the curtain of the Morningstar ESG Commitment Level. 5 Clean Energy Funds to Consider Comparing your options for investing in clean energy and electric vehicle ETFs.

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