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Morningstar Moments: Autocracy Investment Risks

Our experts fill us in on proxy season and group savings.

What Is 'Regime Risk'? When investors pick stocks and bonds in autocratic countries such as Russia, they may rely on valuations or the fundamental outlook of a company or country. However, as Tom Lauricella points out: "All that matters are the rules set by the person running the country." He explores the risks of investing in autocracies.

Shareholder Springtime Challenges Tis the proxy season! As most companies begin holding their annual meetings, shareholders have the opportunity to cast their votes on a variety of items, including nominees for the board, compensation of directors and executives, and shareholder proposals. Leslie Norton preps us for what we can expect this year.

A New Way to Save Michael Thompson introduces us to a saving practice that isn't as well known in the United States: group savings. How do you start? And with whom? Michael has the answers to your questions, along with a roundup of the pros and cons of this approach.

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