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Redefine investing success.

Professional Products

Data, research, and software created to help you build your business and strengthen the relationships that support it

Managed Investment Products

Investment management and indexing services designed to reflect our principles of independence, transparency, and long-term value

Individual Investor Products

Independent advice and insights crafted to help self-directed investors at every stage of their journey

Morningstar Direct

Advanced portfolio analytics and performance reporting for advisors, institutions, asset managers, and other professionals

Morningstar® Data

An offering that includes comprehensive managed investments across global registered and unregistered funds, equity coverage that spans global company and share class data across Morningstar IP and Sustainalytics, and unique analytics that help users to determine the quality of investments in a client's portfolio.

Morningstar Research

Independent, comprehensive evaluations on equities, funds, and managed investment products for all investors

ESG Investing Solutions

Assessments of ESG risks and opportunities across asset classes for investors of every stripe

Morningstar Reporting Solutions

Morningstar Reporting Solutions are designed to save you time and fit your reporting needs as you grow.

Morningstar Essentials

Investment statistics and ratings for institutional marketing professionals

Manager Due Diligence and Selection Services

Manager selection and investment analysis for financial advisors

Morningstar® Advisor Workstation

Investment research, financial planning, client reporting, and proposal generation for financial advisors

DBRS Morningstar®

Independent rating services and opinions for corporate and sovereign entities, financial institutions, and structured finance instruments


Data, analysis, industry news, and in-depth reports on the private and public markets for global business professionals

Sustainalytics, a Morningstar Company

Sustainable investment strategies and security-level ESG research and ratings for institutional asset managers and owners

Morningstar® Enterprise Components

Configurable, ready-to-integrate enterprise software tools for research, portfolio analysis, and retirement-plan management

Financial Planning Solutions

Web-based financial planning tools for advisors

Morningstar® Managed Portfolios

Mutual fund, stock, and exchange-traded fund portfolios for fee-based financial advisors

Morningstar Wealthcraft

Wealthcraft is part of the Office 365 cloud, a market-leading platform for security, keeping your data between you, your business and your clients safe.

Morningstar Wealth Platform

The world’s leading financial advisers, investment managers, institutions, accountants and product providers use Morningstar Wealth Platform to manage or administer their investments globally across more than 500,000 accounts.

Morningstar® Multi-Asset Funds

Provide your clients a diversified, high-quality, and cost-effective solution.

Morningstar® Indexes

Product benchmarking and creation for financial institutions and asset managers

Morningstar Investor

Strengthen your investment strategy with independent research and powerful tools built just for investors

Morningstar Investor Newsletters

Investment strategies and in-depth analysis delivered in print or digitally to individual investors

Let’s redefine success together.