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A One-Stop Solution for PRIIPs KID Production

Investment managers are required to produce complex Key Information Documents (KIDs) for their clients. Be a leader in meeting regulatory requirements by partnering with Morningstar to take care of regulations.

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Morningstar’s Guide to PRIIPs KIDs

Download our guide on the what and the why behind PRIIPs KID, and how to prepare for it.

Morningstar Policy Research

Read our extensive analysis of the PRIIPs regulation: Your KID’s Second-Term Report.

Calculations Methodology

Learn how Morningstar defines calculations in its PRIIPs KIDs Production Service.

Achieve Regulatory Success with Morningstar Publishing System

Use our comprehensive document management service to centralize and securely deliver quality factsheets, PRIIPs KIDs, and marketing communications. Outsource report production completely or integrate Morningstar Publishing System into your current report generation process for greater efficiency.


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