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EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan Resources

This page is your key source of Morningstar research updates on what the EU Action Plan means for investors, advisers, and asset managers. It highlights the 10-point action plan adopted by the European Commission to leverage financial markets in order to address sustainability challenges.

European ESG Template (EET)

Industry participants are looking to the European ESG Template for content to support them with creating new insights for fund selection, regulatory compliance, and communicating value and transparency to end clients. Morningstar, as a member of the FinDatEx working group who helped shape EET, is here to help with the heavy lifting to collect, normalise, and enable EET datasets across our suite of products to meet your workflow needs. Contact us to learn more.

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Analysis and Product Positioning

For product manufacturers looking for access to the EET datasets for analysis to confirm fit with a customer's ESG profile, Morningstar provides access to datasets for analysis and report creation for positioning and recommendations.
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Company Data and Mapping

For product manufacturers planning to aggregate and fill out the template themselves, Morningstar Sustainalytics provides relevant company level data, detailed mapping and suggested aggregation approaches.
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Access to EET Disclosures

For distributors looking to access European ESG Template (EET) data disclosed by manufacturers, Morningstar provides European ESG Template (EET) disclosures collected across entire Morningstar fund database (offering market leading coverage of over 143, 000 applicable mutual fund share classes).
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Template Creation

For product manufacturers looking for assistance with data aggregation and creation of the template, Morningstar provides calculated fund-level data, inserting it into a template created to meet your regulatory and custom sustainable reporting needs.


The most recent updates and news around the regulation's developments

SFDR Article 8 and Article 9 Funds: Q3 2022 in Review

With the European Union's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation now in effect, many asset managers are preparing to implement the regulatory technical standards that will come into effect in early 2023. These standards require managers to disclose more information on their ESG approach, sustainability risks, and impact.

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Guide to the EU Action Plan

The 10-point plan aims to leverage financial markets in order to address sustainability challenges, especially those related to climate change, meaning ESG factors can no longer be viewed as preferential considerations, but key drivers behind every investment decision.

Available in: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Guide to the SFDR

The EU SFDR requires managers to disclose how sustainability risks are considered in their investment process, what metrics they use to assess ESG factors, and how they consider investment decisions that might result in negative effects on sustainability factors.

Available in: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish

The EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy Explained

This guide serves as a starting point for those likely to be impacted by the EU Taxonomy and its components and will provide an overview of the key legislation and implementation dates, as well as how Morningstar is well positioned to help professionals during this transition period.

Available in: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish

EU Climate Benchmarks and ESG Disclosures Explained

Reflective of the broad reach of the EU’s Action Plan, benchmark providers face major new disclosure obligations. With a raft of new legislation to get to grips with, it will be a challenge for financial market participants to effectively navigate this transition and ensure compliance with benchmark requirements.

Available in: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish

EU Sustainable Disclosures

We shine a lens on the latest component of the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan to go live and explore what investors can expect to see.

Corporate Sustainability Disclosures

An improving picture, but regulation would induce a more-complete and comparable baseline of material information for investors.

Interactive Media Resources

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