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The New Sustainability

The health of the planet is a material risk for all, and investors are responding; investors who see what is at stake, believe in what is possible, and seek sustainable strategies for long-term value creation.

Success hinges on independent research and data that shines a clear light on the unfolding investment vehicles: equities, funds, indexes, portfolios. How are they constructed? How do they perform? Do they align with investor motivations? These are questions inspired by a widening definition of investment success—personal, societal, global—but they also demand the same standards of analysis and rigor that has underpinned long-term investing for decades.

Unique Morningstar Data and Insight

Our analysts use the highest quality data to assess how and how well the sustainability topics investors care most about come to life across diverse investing approaches, from carbon net-zero to renewable energy, the circular economy, or a sampling of them all.

Climate Action Special Report

Our framework for sustainable investing

Connecting investor objectives with investment decisions requires more than just a one-size-fits-all approach. We help you cut through the complexity without sacrificing the nuanced motivations that make investing so personal. Our foundational sustainable investing framework outlines the various paths investors can take to act on their sustainability objectives. And because sustainability objectives sit on a spectrum, from avoiding negative outcomes to advancing positive ones, our set of approaches is exhaustive and flexible enough to fit into any investing process.

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