Morningstar® Investment Conference

30 April – 1 May 2019 | Royal Lancaster London

Morningstar presents the latest developments on financial advice from the industry’s top minds. Discover new perspectives on the market and ideas to put into practice.

2019 Speakers

Nick Britton ACSI
Association of Investment Companies

Brian Byrne
Aviador & Assoc

David Dudding
Columbia Threadneedle Street

Ed Gillespie

Simon Hix
London School of Economics

William Lam

Catherine Morgan
The Money Panel

Kevin Murphy

Marcus Phayre-Mudge
BMO Global Asset Management

Jonathan Ruffer
Ruffer LLP

Karen Ward
JP Morgan

Richard Woolnough
M&G Investments

2019 Agenda

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08:00 – 09:00

Registration & Networking Breakfast

09:00 – 09:10

Welcome Address

Mark Roomans, Head of EMEA, Morningstar

09:10 – 09:45

Your Guide to the Markets

Karen Ward, Chief Market Strategist EMEA, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Karen Ward, J.P. Morgan Asset Management's Chief Market Strategist for EMEA will discuss the key trends and themes that are likely to shape global markets. She will also share her unique perspective on the key issues that she believes are important to monitor as we approach the next stage in the market cycle.

09:45 – 10:20

Finding the winners in an increasingly uncertain world

David Dudding, Senior Portfolio Manager, Columbia Threadneedle

Companies come and go, so what makes some stand the test of time? As disruptors emerge and challenge traditional industries, even the most established companies must adapt to maintain a competitive edge. Many will succumb to the pressures of creative destruction, while even the disruptors might find themselves disrupted. Against this backdrop, David Dudding provides insight into the power of competitive advantage and how its sustainability is often underestimated by the market.

10:20 – 10:55

Ignore the Investment Laws of Physics at Your Own Peril

David Pyle, Co-portfolio Manager, U.S. Large Cap Strategy, Boston Partners

David Pyle, co-portfolio manager of the Boston Partners flagship U.S. value equity strategy, will discuss some simple investment rules.   Investors who adhere to these should have long-term investment success.

10:55 – 11:20

Networking Coffee

11:20 – 11:55

Where next for fixed income investors?

Richard Woolnough, Fund Manager, M&G Investments

Richard will discuss his thoughts on the global macro-economic environment, the challenges and the opportunities this presents to fixed interest investors and where he sees value in global bond markets.

11:55 – 12:30

Opportunities in Value

Kevin Murphy, Fund Manager, Schroders

Value investing is the art of buying stocks which trade at a significant discount to their intrinsic value. Value investors achieve this by looking for companies on cheap valuation metrics, typically low multiples of their profits or assets, for reasons which are not justified over the longer term. This approach requires a contrarian mindset and a long term investment horizon. Over the last 100 years a value investment strategy has a consistent history of outperforming index returns across multiple equity markets. In his presentation, Kevin Murphy, Co-head of the Global Value Team at Schroders, will explain why this approach might not always be in favour in the short term, however aims to deliver Income and Capital growth in the medium / long term. He will explain why the team adopt a contrarian and patient view to Investing and will demonstrate a number of tried and tested ways that will help adviser’s understand and add value to their client’s investment propositions.

12:40 – 13:45

Networking Lunch

13:55 – 14:30

To be announced

14:20 – 14:55

Brexit - Deal or No Deal?

Simon Hix, Pro-Director for Research and the Harold Laski Professor of Political Science, London School of Economics

Simon Hix will discuss where the future relationship between the UK and the EU27 is likely to be heading after the “transition period”.  He will consider the economic and political interests of the two sides in the negotiations, and explain that while economic interests push towards a “softer” form of Brexit, political interests push towards a “harder” form.  Simon will also consider the potential longer-term consequences of Brexit on Britain and the EU, and economic and political relations across the Channel.

14:55 – 15:30

To be announced

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15:30 – 15:55

Networking Coffee Break

15:55 – 16:30

To be announced

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16:30 – 17:05

It’s the Climate, Stupid

Ed Gillespie, Co-founder and Owner, FUTERRA

A crisis is a shortcut to the future. And we are in a climate crisis, a time of consequences. What needs to be done may well create some economic crises – winners and losers – in the traditional sense, but it would shortcut us to the better future we want. The alternative is to stave off the action required in a doomed attempt to prop up what we have, and end up opening a shortcut to the future crises we fear. This is a clear and present choice. We hold the future in our hands. It is time to invest in the future we need, not speculate on the one we might get. It is time to imagine braver.

17:05 – 17:10

Closing Remarks

Jonathan Miller, Director, Manager Research Ratings, UK, Morningstar

17:10 – 18:30

Drinks Reception

08:00 – 08:55

Registration & Networking Breakfast

08:15 – 08:45

Breakout Session: To be Announced

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08:55 – 09:00

Opening Comments

Jonathan Miller, Director, Manager Research, UK, Morningstar

09:00 – 09:35

Random Walks in the Market Place

Jonathan Ruffer, Chairman, Ruffer

This talk will give a general overview of the current climate in markets, our outlook for the future and where we see the risks and opportunities along the way.

09:35 – 10:10

Pan-European Real Estate Equities Offering Liquidity & Income Growth in an Illiquid Asset Class

Marcus Phayre-Mudge, Head of Real Estate Securities Team, BMO Global Asset Management

Marcus will explore why much of the pan European real estate universe remains an attractive investment opportunity offering sustainable and growing earnings in a low interest rate environment. The reluctance of traditional sources of risk capital to commit to speculative commercial property development post the GFC has resulted in many markets experiencing supply constraints thus aiding rental growth. He will look at the evolution of new asset classes which have become institutionally relevant as well as reviewing the demise of some traditional ones. The divergence of returns at the sector level will remain a key feature of the landscape and Marcus will conclude with an examination of how real estate equities and hybrids (a mixture of physical property and real estate equities) provide the best fund solution to the perennial issue of navigating returns from this intrinsically illiquid asset class.

10:10 – 10:45

Investing from a contrarian perspective

William Lam, Co-Head of Asian & Emerging Markets Equity team, Invesco

The best companies don’t always make the best investments. William Lam’s presentation will discuss why he believes contrarian investing works, with examples of how contrarian opportunities have arisen in the past, both for the overall market and for individual stocks from a variety of sectors. The presentation will also cover his current views on the outlook for Asian markets in this context.

10:45 – 11:10

Networking Coffee Break

11:10 – 11:45

To be announced

Catherine Morgan, Financial Coach, The Money Panel

11:45 – 12:20

To be announced

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12:20 – 12:55

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12:55 – 14:10

Networking Lunch

14:10 – 14:45

Getting more out of property and infrastructure

Nick Britton, Head of Intermediary Communications, The Association of Investment Companies

Illiquid, income-producing assets such as property and infrastructure are useful diversifiers in portfolios, and closed-ended funds offer ready access to such assets in a liquid wrapper. Nick Britton, Head of Intermediary Communications at the AIC, explores the benefits and risks of closed-ended property and infrastructure funds, and assesses opportunities in the infrastructure sector following the demise of PFI.

14:45 – 15:20

De“FAANG”ed: What Comes Next After the Great American Tech Wreck?

Brian Byrne, President, Aviador & Associates

Having correctly forecast the tech wreck of October 2018, what will be the next watershed event in the roadmap toward a Digital Future? The war between the “BAT-TMD” factions in China will heat up with what remains of the “FAANGs” so, how to position ahead of time? How will current trends and future trends reshape the digital battlefield? The old adage is “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – could we see new alliances emerge? Brian’s interactive Digital Disruption War Gaming session will help you shape the future of not only the world but of your investment portfolio.

15:20 – 15:30

Closing Remarks

Jonathan Miller, Director, Manager Research, Morningstar

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