Investing in a Sustainable Future

Morningstar® Portfolio Carbon Metrics™ are designed to help investors measure their exposure to carbon risk amid a changing climate.

A global standard for sustainable investing

The Morningstar Sustainability Rating™ for funds allows investors to evaluate how well the companies in a fund’s portfolio are managing the environmental, social, and governance—or ESG—investing factors relevant to their industries. It makes it possible to find sustainable funds even if they aren’t specifically marketing themselves as products that support an ESG-investing approach.


Join a new generation of investors.

Use Sustainability Ratings to evaluate investment opportunities or spark new conversations with your advisor and determine whether funds marketed as socially responsible investments deliver what they promise.

To learn how we come up with our rating read our methodology.


Be the go-to advisor for sustainable and socially responsible investing.

Reach new demographics of investors and better serve your existing clients (who might care about sustainability, even if you don’t know it). You can help your clients understand how sustainable investing has evolved beyond socially responsible investing and which strategy will deliver what matters most to them.

Stand out in front of investing trends.

Address changing investor preferences by considering sustainable investing factors when developing new investments.

Read Our Research

Sustainable Funds Landscape Report

Discover the state of the sustainable fund universe and learn where there’s growth in sustainable funds, flows, and assets.

The Morningstar Sustainability Rating

Learn why we created the Morningstar Sustainability Rating and how to use it to evaluate funds.

Morningstar Sustainability Atlas

We explore the sustainability profiles of Morningstar’s 46 equity market indexes using company-level ESG scores.

ESG Risks

Sustainalytics, Morningstar’s ESG-research partner, examines 10 ESG risks that bear scrutiny by investors in 2018.

Moving Beyond Exclusion

Based on the research we’ve studied, we can’t find any reason to suggest that sustainability means diminished performance.

Does Investing Sustainably Mean Sacrificing Return?

We studied the performance of the Morningstar Sustainability Index family and found how many ESG indexes outperform their non-ESG equivalents.

Use ESG data and research in your work.

Address changing investor preferences by considering sustainable investing factors when developing new investments.

Morningstar Cloud

Get access to our sustainability ratings, product involvement, and carbon metrics in the Morningstar Cloud. ESG data can help advisors and wealth managers choose suitable funds and perform stock research. It can also help asset managers build sustainable products and evaluate their competitors.

Morningstar Essentials

Use our ESG research and sustainability ratings to send the right message to investors about your firm's funds.

Morningstar Indexes

Discover how you can create distinct products based on our sustainability indexes. Help investors take steps toward investing with positive environment, social, or governance impact. 

Want More Insights on ESG Investing?

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