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Next-generation credit ratings and solutions

Morningstar Credit provides credit ratings, data, and analytics solutions to empower investor success by helping fixed-income professionals gain critical insights and assess the credit risk of public bonds, private debt issuers, counterparties, and asset-based financings.

Credit Analytics Solutions That Empower and Inform

Understand risks and uncover opportunities across your structured finance products without leaving your Bloomberg terminal.


Credit Ratings and Research

Globally accepted credit ratings and thought leadership (via Morningstar DBRS) on corporate and sovereign entities, financial institutions, and project and structured finance transactions.​

Credit Ratings Data

Automated delivery of Morningstar DBRS' global credit ratings data covering corporate and sovereign entity, financial institution, and project and structured finance transaction ratings.

Leveraged Loan and High-Yield Bond Insights​

Breaking news, in-depth research, analytics and index products (via PitchBook | LCD and Morningstar Indexes) on the global leveraged loan, high-yield bond and related private debt markets.​

Morningstar DBRS


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Check Our Ratings Coverage

Use our Coverage Analysis Tool to see what percentage of your portfolio holdings and securities of interest is covered by Morningstar DBRS. Analyze it in real-time using ISINs and CUSIPs.