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Infographic: Making a More Informed Default Investment Decision

How readily available data can help uncover a plan's retirement needs

Dan Bruns, Morningstar Investment Management LLC


When it comes to helping employees achieve their retirement goals, the default investment decision may be one of the most important choices that a plan sponsor has to make.  

Not that long ago, many plan sponsors lacked easy access to detailed information about their participants, and they often had to guess what retirement solution would work for their plan. Without such employee data, plan sponsors might have sought solutions for the “average” individual. But one size does not fit all. Retirement plans are comprised of different investor demographics; participants’ ages, savings rates, account balances, and other factors vary widely among plans and industries.  

See what available data you can use to help inform your default investment decision. 

Read the full research paper “Stop Guessing: Using Participant Data to Select the Optimal QDIA.” 

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